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Comment May have already been done (Score 1) 204

I remember reading somewhere (may have been Slashdot) a while back that there where buildings designed in the mainframe days to draw heat from the "computer room" to heat the buildings. Unfortunatly when computers got smaller and cooler they had to install extra heating systems in these buildings.

I may be remembering this wrong though.

Comment Interesting (Score 0) 463

An organization that is out of the limelight, but has made many historic contributions is pushing something from an even older organization that has been out of the limelight for a longer time, and made many more historic contributions.

Did anyone else notice this?

Comment I'm Confused (Score 1) 196

Does anyone have a link to the text of the bill?

I did a quick search and couldn't find it. Why are they calling for installation of WiFi hotspots to lessen load on cell networks? Did anyone tell them that just because a phone has a WiFi radio doesn't mean it can make calls over WiFi.

Are you telling me everyone who wants wireless internet in federal buildings has to use a Cell phone data network. If that is the case, then they absoulty need to install WiFi (you know like everyone did 10 years ago), though $15 Million does seem to much).

Does anyone hear work in IT for the GSA? Might be able to clear this up.

Comment Re:/etc/resolv.conf (Score 1) 617

I F'n hate NetworkManager.

Why is it such a hard thing to grasp that a machine can have multiple interfaces on different networks (I work in a networking testing lab were this is very common) simultaneously. I refuse to help anyone with network problems if their using NetworkManager on Linux.

Comment Boot over the Interwebs (Score 1) 99

I thought these were pretty interesting ideas:

Although they are pretty slow at times, and I have had them freeze a few times (this may have been due to bad hardware though). It a pretty cool way to install a Linux distro.
Operating Systems

Ubuntu 10.04 Alpha 2 vs. Early Fedora 13 Benchmarks 157

Given that early benchmarks of the Lucid Lynx were less than encouraging, Phoronix decided to take the latest alpha out for a spin and has set it side-by-side with an early look at Fedora 13. "Overall, there are both positive and negative performance changes for Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Alpha 2 in relation to Ubuntu 9.10. Most of the negative regressions are attributed to the EXT4 file-system losing some of its performance charm. With using a pre-alpha snapshot of Fedora 13 and the benchmark results just being provided for reference purposes, we will hold off on looking into greater detail at this next Red Hat Linux update until it matures."

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