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Comment I have seen SSD death (Score 5, Informative) 510

I have seen SSD death many times and it is a strange sight indeed. What is interesting about it when compared to normal drives is that when normal drives fail it is - mostly - and all or nothing ordeal. A bad spot on a drive is a bad spot on a drive. With SSDs you can have a bad spot one place, reboot, and you get a bad spot in another place. Windows loaded on an SSD will exhibit all kinds of bizarre behaviour. Sometimes it will hang, sometimes it will blue-screen, sometimes it will boot normally until it tries to read or write to that random bad spot. Rebooting is like rolling the dice to see what it will do next - that is, until it fails completely.

Submission + - I hate "software technology" (

MRGB writes: "Software patents should not be awarded because "software technology" is an oxymoron.

I try not to use the term "Software Technology" because I am a software developer and I am a writer. I know this term to be an oxymoron. This is why."


Submission + - New Linux Distro Announced (

MRGB writes: "Gigastrand International is currently in the Alpha stage of developing its own Linux operating system. According to the Kickstarter page ( it aspires to be "the Linux4Everyone operating system" and will be based on Debian / KDE. Gigastrand plans to release 2 versions: 1) an Open version based on free software; and 2) a Premium version that will include many non-free components."

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