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Comment Not just names (Score 1) 372

It happened to me in Spain. Foreigners get IDs that start with an X, while natives' IDs start with a 0. There was this system to get the payroll ant it wouldn't accept an ID if it didn't start with a 0. The IT zombies tried to convince me once and again that I was inserting my password incorrectly as the illiterate "sudaka" I obviously was. It wasn't till I used technical jargon and told them to log on using the VNC that they took me seriously and fixed it.

Comment Yes (Score 2) 195

It's a shame e-reader development suffered death by tablet. Paperback sized ones are extremely cheap but seldom work as readers for anything else. I got myself a a Samsung Galaxy Pro 8 inch in order to read technical and medical books, but I know an e-ink version would be lighter, with more battery time and easier on the eyes.

Comment Re:Anonymous became a tool of establishment (Score 1) 116

Now it encompasses those who want a lesser government, so that they can freely steal... (from their clients!), those who think they are blessed when they make money and poor people are scum, those who want to lobby the government to put its machinery at their service ...

So, these "western liberals" want at the same time a lesser government but a bigger government???

It's funny how many people push so much for an all-powerful government but only if it agrees with their ideas, then complain when the tide shifts.

Comment Re:Gotta move into a post-scarcity economy. (Score 1) 508

Still a lot isn't automated. I'm talking about self-replicating robots building and installing solar panels in the Sahara, doing the mining for the raw materials, doing the whole farm labor on their own instead of having africans picking olives in Spain and spaniards picking strawberries in France. Robots cleaning the streets, the toilets, building houses starting from the quarry and iron mines, transporting goods and people, making our food, clothing, appliances, etc. That's what I mean by "harvesting the resources".
As long as one person is essential in each of those processes, we'll have to think about work: How we manage it and how we pay the ones that do it.

Comment Gotta move into a post-scarcity economy. (Score 4, Insightful) 508

Society has to take work out of the equation. Right now it's both a right and an obligation. Most of us must work every day to keep ourselves and our offspring alive, without time or energy left to pursue our goals during our half a century of really usable lifespan. In a few decades the machines will harvest the resources and produce what's needed to keep everyone on earth alive. And perhaps AI will stampede in, solving most of our ideological differences with the most efficient strategies. The military robots will be able to neautralize every human on earth if needed.

The question is: WHO WILL BE IN CHARGE? Will the current richest people enforce their property rights, will it be the governments by wiping away all of them (property rights)?
Will it be Star Trek or Elysium?

Comment Re:I would sell it (Score 1) 654

I work at two places. One of them has only 4 buses a day and it's a 35-min drive which I always do. The other one means taking the car to the train station (5-7 min), riding an hourly train for an hour and walking 15 min afterwards. It takes me 20 minutes more than by car, costs half and lets me rest and read. The only problem is: On some months the trains come less often and there's been days when I've finished at 13h and arrived home at 16h. Nevertheless, I take the train for this one as often as possible.

Comment My Samsung Laptop (Score 4, Interesting) 289

I bought a Samsung laptop. i5, 6gb ram, Hybrid NVIDIA and Intel graphics, 750gb HDD, DVD burner. It is light, well powered and cost efficient back in 2011. Windows 7-64 bit. Problem is: Even the keyboard hotkeys such as screen brightness, WiFi, etc. work only through a "Control panel" that takes ages to load. Volume keys don't work within a game and sometimes the trackpad stops working after sleeping. And also I don't dare installing Linux on it because I read about severe cases of linux bricking the UEFI and rendering the laptop completerly useless.

Alas, after you start it up (either from off or sleeping) and wait the 10-15 minutes for the HDD to calm down (after stripping down the startup, defragmenting, ccleaner and the such) it runs really well.

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