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Comment Turn off Wi-Fi automatically in Android (Score 1) 38

There's a couple of apps for Android that can automatically turn on and off wifi depending on you're location. The one I ended up with was Llama. It uses cell tower IDs to identify your areas (home, work, etc.) and then you select various actions that activate when entering or leaving those areas (such as turning on/off wifi, bluetooth, changing ringer volume, etc.)

Submission + - PayPal freezes MailPile's account ( 1

rysiek writes: Remember MailPile the privacy-focused, community-funded FOSS webmail project with built-in GPG support? The good news is, the funding campaign is a success, with $135k raised (the goal was $100k). The bad news is, PayPal froze MailPile's account, along with $45k that was on it, and will not un-freeze it until MailPile team provides "an itemized budget and your development goal dates for your project" . One of the team members also noted: "Communications with PayPal have implied that they would use any excuse available to them to delay delivering as much of our cash as possible for as long as possible.". PayPal doesn't have a great track record as far as fund freezing is concerned — maybe it's high time to stop using PayPal?

Comment Re:Noise canceling headphones (Score 1) 561

I actually have a set of a aviation active noise canceling headphones someone gave me as a gift. They are made to be standalone so they don't have any microphone and just take some 9v batteries. They work incredibly well at blocking out sounds and noise by themselves but I've found if you put some disposable earplugs in before you put the headphones on, then they block out ALL sound. I can't hear people who are standing 3 feet in front of me trying to talk to me much less someone who would be on the other side of a wall. Anything you wear on your head for long periods of time is eventually going to get uncomfortable, but as they are essentially aircraft headsets they are designed to be worn for long periods of time so you can wear them for some time before you have to take a break.

Submission + - Why the Arabic World Turned Away From Science (

Geoffrey.landis writes: "The historical period that we call the dark ages, from perhaps 600 to 1200 AD, was the golden age of Islamic science, when great advances in science and technology were taking place in the middle east. But somehow, as the west experienced its renaissance, the blossoming of the age of science, and the founding of the modern technological world, the Arabic world instead turned away from science. Muslim countries have nine scientists, engineers, and technicians per thousand people, compared with a world average of forty-one, and of roughly 1.6 billion Muslims in the world, only two scientists from Muslim countries have won Nobel Prizes in science. Why? In an article "Why the Arabic World Turned Away from Science" in The New Atlantis, Hillel Ofek examines both the reasons why Islamic science flourished, and why it failed. Are we turning the same way, with a rising tide of religious fundamentalism and dogma shouting down the culture of inquiry and free thinking needed for scientific advances? Perhaps we should be looking at the decline of Islamic science as a cautionary tale."

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