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Comment Re:Awesome! (Score 1) 226

Only for "ideas" that the market will not stand without artificial constraint.

Might I suggest you are neglecting to realize where and HOW THIS medium came about? Think of the massive amount of capital that 'created' it. This thing could not have existed with out intellectual property rights for no one would have funded most of it or the components it's built upon.

The hardware NEEDS software to have function. If the software was optional, the thing could function without it just fine, then you would have a point but as we all know the software is where the value is for it makes the hardware viable.

As for the cheep labor concepts, boy many have much to learn about the innovative process. Innovation happens in the garages, basements and sleepless nights tossing and turning as the idea takes form in the minds of those who have a simple gift, to ignore the naysayer and take the risks.

I should also add that 'cheep labor' benefits form the educated who author the patents in the expensive labor markets. The car before the horse, or was that cart before the wheel... the difference is clearly that cheep labor, the replicators of the world, have not grown into cutting edge, rather bleeding edge, innovators. They have taken on incremental improvements and true to form help the expensive labor markets fulfill the need to keep up with the Joneses hence the process continues and some are upset by what I suspect is their short sighted look at the current situation.

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