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Comment Re:How do you evaluate teachers? (Score 1) 557

The problem with standardized tests is it requires standardized students to be truly useful. The fact is, there are 3 broad categories of students - (A) Average students, (BA) Below Average students, and (AA) Above Average students.

A teacher who is proficient with BA students is most likely going to do poorly with AA students. Many teachers proficient with A students will have difficulty with AA students and may also have difficulty with some BA students. Any teacher who can relate to AA students is most likely going to do miserably with BA students.

Children are NOT widgets, this business-oriented approach that treats them as such is doing far more harm than good. There has to be a better way to both educate students and evaluate teachers. The Tenure system is broken because it keeps burnt out teachers in place far too long. The current push for standardized tests/evaluations fails since each student is unique. Unfortunately, since students don't appear to be taught to think creatively (since the focus is on passing tests), I doubt a practical/effective solution will be found any time soon.

Comment Re:Surreal Suppositions? (Score 1) 669

It basically got completely confused on what display I had when connected to a Philips 107T4 monitor. The laptop is a Compaq R3140US Athlon 64bit with the NVidia GeForce 4 Go 420. While it was connected to the external monitor, it refused to detect nor work with manual settings from the Fiesty install. Until I disconnected the monitor, it would not configure correctly. Now that it's installed, it still acts flakey if I reconnect the monitor. It is the 64bit Athlon build of Gutsy, so could be a quirk with that particular build.

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