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Comment Re:It doesn't matter (Score 2) 348

At that point, every game would be developed for the 361, and it would "technically" still run on the 360. Horrible framerates, unplayable multiplayer, the whole nine yards... but it technically works!

This is why I switched from PC to console gaming years ago. If I'm playing against you on a console, it comes down to skill: we both have the same console, so it's a level playing field. On a PC, we could be equally matched in whatever game... but since you spent that extra $100 on your video card, you're going to slay me.

Comment Re:Sure, send me an invite! (Score 1) 1223

Charles XXX invited you to join him on Google+

The Google+ project is currently working out all the kinks with a small group of testers. If you're not able to access Google+, please check back again soon.

...which links me to a page that says:

We've temporarily exceeded our capacity. Please try again soon.

Ahhh well... thanks anyway!

Comment Re:well free delivery you need to tip to pay the c (Score 1) 229

I have no idea if it's different in your country, but over here in the US, we have minimum wages as well... only, employers can pay you less if you are allowed to accept tips. Example, the pizza guy who makes the pizza and doesn't take tips? Minimum wage, $7.50 / hour or whatever MW is these days. The delivery guy who actually takes it to your house? $2.00 / hour + tips (maybe slightly more or less than $2, I don't deliver pizza, but you get the idea).

Comment Re:A quarter? (Score 2, Informative) 120

"Players have three options: 400 points ($5) grants a dual-platform license (playable on Xbox 360 and PC), 240 points ($3) gets you the virtual arcade cabinet on one platform (Xbox 360 or PC), and, for the old-fashioned types, 40 points ($0.50) is exactly "two quarters" worth of playtime -- for an authentic arcade experience, minus the sticky floors."


Comment Re:Heh, figures. (Score 1) 346

If you have to send it in for warranty repair/work then you get a refurbished unit

Not entirely true. I know that they send a refurb if your console is beyond repair or in other special circumstances, but myself and a couple of friends have all had to send in the console for RRoD repair - we've all got our original, repaired consoles back (verified by the serial number, and in one guy's case, the stickers).

Comment Re:I see comments in the thread linked to... (Score 2, Interesting) 575

Personally, I dislike the Silverlight version.... but that's only because I'm using a computer that I built on a budget three or four years ago. The older version worked fine on it, but this new version is just too much for my pitiful rig (1.34 GHz, 768 megs of RAM). Note that this is a personal complaint - it sucks, but I don't expect companies to cater to old hardware forever.

With that said, it works like a dream on my wife's computer (which isn't bleeding edge hardware, but it's very powerful), and I can't say anything negative about the quality or the overall performance on it.

I wonder how many of the protesters are in my boat (low-end hardware, maybe better than mine, but still not up to snuff) and just don't put two and two together.

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