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Comment If it's stupid and it works.... (Score 1) 223

How about letting dumbass bloggers and media say whatever they need to in order to get VC's and other money repositories sniffing around. Let the money get interested and let the tech get developed. Think about all the goodies that came out of the Space Race, back when the US actually had a fuck to give about research and exploration, even if it was only to beat those goddamn Ruskies.

Comment Bitwise (Score 1) 79

Are real silence packets identical in payload? If so, a bitwise comparison of silence packets could be easily automated and would detect the altered packets, right? And if this is the case, how is this useful in a government-surveillance scenario? (I'm assuming that's what this is for.)

Comment Re:Wireless updates (Score 2) 164

Or, if they could be updated like the Kindle (3G or WiFi), Ford could handle them all without the owner getting involved. And they wouldn't need to mail out 30,000 USB sticks or CDs.

Plus, Ford could then get real feedback from how the car is performing.

Because no one ever took advantage of short-sighted manufacturers that aren't security-conscious to do anything malicious to a car. Oh, wait... Also, awesome insurance scam in the works if you can do a hostile takeover of a rich guy's car (the ones that will probably have cars with Wi-Fi) and make him get into a rear-end accident. BAM! Sweet-ass cash truck from his rich guy insurance agency. No cop will believe "My car got hacked."

Comment Re:Gone Rogue! (Score 1) 383

Everything done under Google's name is by definition, done by Google. The company is not entirely composed of Sergey Brin and and his Brinions (TM) in Mountain View. It is everyone who gets paid by Google worldwide. So, if the branch offices engage in shady business, then then branch offices in another country engage in shady business, then someone at HQ engages in shady business, then Google as a whole is engaged in trying to butt-fuck a smaller, leaner, more competitive company out of existence with shady business practices. It's a shame; I used to really like Google. But then I started finding out what they do when they can't easily and quickly dominate a market, and now I don't anymore.

Comment Re:This says it all for Linux "security" (Score 3) 227

If I had mod points I would give them to you for actually linking articles that prove your point, but try to be a bit more coherent and maybe don't post as AC next time. Have the balls (or ovaries) to stand up for what you said. That being said, anyone who thinks that FOSS is $DEITY's gift to security by default is mistaken. Nothing is safe until someone competent configures, patches, and hardens it correctly. However, I don't believe that the proprietary corps are any better, and are usually worse, because they rely on security through obscurity (i.e. no one knows our code so we don't have to worry that much about it.)

Comment Re:a hefty bill? (Score 1) 196

2 million euro is nothing for such a company.


The judge must be got hold of and eradicated before he does any more damage he is very plainly demented and in the pay of a bunch of raving criminals . Why have green peace been allowed to exist for so long i find very amusing they shold have been removed years ago .

Mod -1 incoherent (I know I don't have any points, just something that should be done IMHO.)

Comment On /., so I'm smarter by default... (Score 1) 238

To all the people posting about ultra-resistant super MRSA mega death bacteria forming because I crack open a bottle of Dawn occasionally, haven't you ever heard of defense in depth? Also, what about this study which suggests that a combination of antibiotics may be more effective against resistant bugs? This shit happens all the time on /. Whatever trendy counter-intuitive "wisdom" there is on a subject is repeated and subsequently shit on ad nauseum. Isn't this the home of RTFA?

Comment Leeches (Score 1) 167

It's things like this that make legislation against litigious fucks vital to the continued survival of the FOSS community. Maybe if it wasn't such an incredible investment for the soulless bloodsuckers at these low-rent law firms and companies to parasitically claim the work of others while not contributing anything, they wouldn't do it so often. I would be willing to bet that some of the lawyers involved even approach their clients with a "No charge unless we win the case or settle" type of agreement. It's becoming a viable business model, and that has to stop if we want to keep FOSS alive.

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