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Comment Now I realize... (Score 1) 753

that is isn't quite so clean and neat when you're compiling a program that must work on millions of systems other than your own :)

But I would have thought they were already doing that. While going from 32bit to 64bit doesn't magically make everything faster, it does generally add a tiny bit of speed simply because of the extra registers Intel and AMD add for 64bit operations.

Even if it were only a few points, I would think that building as much as you know they must, ANY tiny bit of speed improvement would add up pretty fast (even if only 1% or 2%).

Comment Re:Stealth rockets (Score 1) 230

Bad shape, try completely in ruins.

The problem with all these doom and gloom stories regarding the United States -- and this is something you touched upon quite correctly, I might add -- is that "debt" is just numbers on a piece of paper if you can do nothing to enforce it, that's the chief difference between nations and your household budget.

If you had a First World Army to back you up, Chase would be a lot more interested in dickering with you come loan refinance time.

Getting back to China...if China were to suddenly stop purchasing U.S. Government paper...decided to be real bad asses ("cash only", etc.) -- the net result would be an economic depression for the United States, follower quickly by the rest of the World. The net result for the country of China, a country were the bottom 90% are dependent on the Government for simple day to day existence (healthcare, food, etc.) would be an outright collapse of the Communist State and an almost inevitable Civil War to fill the power vacuum.

Comment Re:Not first strike! (Score 1) 230

Historically, the USA has not 'struck first. Especially in the 20th century. They have waited until they or their allies had been attacked.
Veitnam war - the French were fighting there for over a decade before

Wrong, wrong, wrong. The french were long gone from vietnam when the US got into it. Unless you want to consider attacking anyone who ever had a war with an ally not a first strike, in which case, almost any nation would be fair play. Why not invade Spain? They've had wars with England our ally! Why not invade England? They've had wars with France our ally! etc... etc... Besides, you say "allies were attacked" . Where the french attacked in indochina? Wouldn't it be more accurate to say they were resisted?

Iraq war was a continuation of the Gulf War part 1 see above

WTF???? a continuation? what's that? a decade later? in which international accord is that NOT a new war?? btw, the US didn't formally declare war. If any other nation other than the US had done it, their leaders would have been prosecuted as war criminals for "fighting a war of agression", same charge was used against nazi leaders.

what about Grenada 1983? Panama 1989? Dominican Republic 1965? Honduras 1912? Bay of Pigs?

Which, as an American, I can say "it's good to be king!" :)

Comment Apoligies if this has already been said... (Score 1) 218

but this kinda strikes me as a cross between an airplane an a barge. Another way of saying it would be it's like an airborne railroad

Both aren't as fast an an airplane, but both can carry many times as much weight and can travel a predictable distance very affordably on an item-by-item cost basis..

Comment Re:Idiot (Score 1) 745

Oh! So now we're going to shift our conspiracy from generic off-shore drilling (which was clearly what you're first post was claiming) and shift the conspiracy theory to a tiny piece of off-shore drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.

But that's OK, I'll move with you in this conversation -- name a single proven find of oil that's been abandoned in the United States? Off-shore, on-shore, feel free to search both places.

I'll admit that I'm sending you on a snipe hunt because you won't find one. As much as politicians would have you believe otherwise, you don't have to do anything but listen to private industry to hear the truth. Conoco-Phillips just signed an export agreement with the new Libyan Government. Exxon-Mobil ABANDONED it's shale oil attempts even with all the money the Government tried to shove in their pockets.

It doesn't take a crystal ball to see the true state of oil in the United States -- it's not going to get any better. If we're lucky, we'll be able to buy ourselves more time with developments like Bakken, like the proven reserves off-shore, etc. Any belief that we'll ever return to the glory days of being in charge of the Petroleum Market is nothing but a pipe-dream (if you'll excuse the phrase).

Coincidentally, that's also why everyone (Government AND Private Industry) is pushing so hard for the Canadian Pipe-line deal. Do you honestly think anyone would spend the money and expend the political capital on such a project if their magically existed huge petroleum reservoirs within the borders of the United States?

Comment Re:Idiot (Score 1) 745

Here's an interesting article for ya.

"Can the U.S. return to its long-gone throne as the world's top producer of crude oil? A Goldman Sachs report, quoted in the Sunday Times of London recently, contended that shale plays and new technologies could push total production to 10.9 million barrels per day by 2017. "

Yep...and it's such a great opportunity that not a single private company has any interest WHATSOEVER in developing it.

Same goes with the "oodles and oodles" of oil supposedly sitting just off the coast -- not one single member of Exxon-Mobile, Conoco-Phillips, etc. has made any demand or claim on any of the land POLITICIANS claim is so full of oil.

These pipe-dreams are created by Politicians, cooked by the media, and eaten up by individuals like you so absolutely terrified that you may have to change how you do things that you're willing to grasp at any straw within reach.

Comment Re:Lovely piece of nature? (Score 2) 745

"Lovely piece of nature" is a complete lie. The place is a cold, barren, dark, mosquito-infested wasteland. It's one of the least hospitable areas on earth.

Why are you spreading falsehoods about it?

Also, the part they want to drill for oil in is ecologically insignificant.

The arguments against drilling there are all essentially "I hate oil" and "I don't care about the people who would benefit from drilling there. Screw them."

I'm more swayed by the people who actually live there who are fighting tooth, nail, and claw to PREVENT drilling...but thanks for the typical "everyone who doesn't agree with me is a whiner...and probably a libural!" schtick (as made popular by talk-radio).

P.S. -- I could care less what people think who DON'T live isn't for the people who do to sacrifice just to subsidize every 10mpg SUV driver who's too stupid to see the writing on the wall (even when it's directly in their face).

Comment Re:The future is here at last (Score 1) 417

I am not sure about the recent part, there have always been miracle cancer cures just around the corner for as long as I have been old enough to read the news.
This is promising, but wake me up when they actually cure/prevent the disease in a person with this.

And what does curing diseases have to do with cyborg augmentations?

While you are current (same with "free energy" contraptions), HIV/AIDS is different than Cancer in that it is a Virus in the classic sense. One hell of a smart virus, to be sure -- but a virus none the less and ALL viruses can be defeated (even if the solution initially evades us).

Simple as evolution itself, really.

Comment Re:Importance of Hydrogen (Score 1) 152

While toxicity was an issue, (they were called "zip fuels") the main problem they could never overcome was the fouling of the engines by the boron-gunk left behind.

During the 1970s, Northern-Pacific Railroad had a similar problem when they tried powering their extensive live of turbine-engined Freight Locomotives with Coal-slurry rather than fuel oil/diesel.

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