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Comment Skype for Android (Score 1) 224

On the Android version of Skype, Microsoft recently made a change to their privacy policy or app permissions or something. I noticed that my contact list now recommends several people's Skype accounts who I previously only had as phone number contacts in my phone.

Comment Re:Netgear tech support linked to these guys (Score 2) 251

He most likely called the wrong number from a fake Netgear site, but that's just a guess.

Nah it was most definitely Netgear's official line. Their tech support calls are getting routed to this company. He said that after the 1st call, he found a different Netgear number that wasn't specifically for tech support and called that. That person then directed his call to their tech support, which ended up being these scammers again!

Comment Netgear tech support linked to these guys (Score 3, Interesting) 251

A co-worker of mine told me that he called Netgear tech support for some help setting up a wireless router and his call got routed to these guys, or people almost exactly like them. From the description of the call, it looks/sounds like the exact same script/ploy. They asked him to run some command and said that the results of that command indicated that he had vulnerabilities on his machine. They'd need to remote in to install some stuff. He didn't fall for that last part, thankfully!

It's absolutely insane that a call to a well-known company's tech support line is getting sent to a scam like this. Yay outsourcing!

Comment Re:Noise generation (Score 1) 174

Not exactly what you described, but TrackMeNot is a browser add-on for Firefox & Chrome randomizes Google searches in non-repeating intervals that average a time length you can set. Poisson distribution in time, I believe. This creates a lot of "noise" for anybody tracking you via your searches:

Comment Police head-mounted cameras (Score 1) 347

I just watched a news report on this kind of device for police officers last night. Here's the link:

In theory it's a good idea for police to have these, iff the video is available to the general public. Otherwise, the police could lie about their own actions and only show evidence against others. Then again, right there in that video, they show a female police officer chasing a drunk man on foot and using her taser on him for seemingly no good reason. He didn't seem to be physically resisting arrest (other than the running) and was not a threat to her, yet she tased him and they're showing it on a news report like it's no big deal or standard procedure or whatever. The fact that it's on a news report and there's no backlash against that use of a taser is a bit disturbing to me, personally.

Anyway, yes I think personal cameras are a great idea for several reasons. If more people start wearing these and it becomes more normal and accepted, then maybe, just maybe societal norms will change and less people will get hassled by authorities for taking pictures or recording video in public

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