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Comment Re: Oh, I totally agree... (Score 1) 791

Do we know this for sure? The wiki page about that references an Ars Technica article which doesn't manage to actually show that there is more than one chip (the pin-switching one) there. The main argument trying to prove cable-DRM is Apple's MFi program to whitelist manufacturers for the cable.

The closest to circuitry analyses below neither mention a "security chip", much less discuss the internals of one. and

Comment Re: In other news (Score 1) 663

In an environment with ~150 i-Devices with lightening cables and tens of devices using dock adapters, we have had 2 dock adapter ends bent off, one lightning cable cut by a drawer closing on it, and one iPad with the internal dock adapter broken and the device rendered useless.

This is an environment full of 8 to 11 year-olds.

What on earth is your wife doing??

Also more on-topic: We have just tested a few third-party cables. Even the ones that heat up a lot with use are accepted by the devices we are testing them with. I do not know what ones Apple are blocking but they must be really shitty.

Comment Re:I just can't live without a ZIF socket. (Score 1) 1009

I find this process of "mix and match" confusing and frustrating when trying to keep a budget down. Sure if you've got money to burn you can choose whatever perfect component to fit in every little part of the machine. But if you are restricted by price or by operating system, then that becomes a labor of research. Balancing between different components becomes rapidly tiresome and in my case I throw in the towel and purchase a pre-configured solution.

I waste more time researching what the 'best' parts are than if I just worked my job and bought something someone else made.

Comment Re:Probably violates the ADA (Score 1) 422

The problem isn't that they will survive and get to the top, it is that they will do this at the expense of others, whether those in their way or exploitable other parties.

If the role of a banker was to get rich off everyone, then it is no hindrance. If the job is to look after someone else's money while being economically compensated for their time, then it is a hindrance.

If we were talking loan sharks or con men, then such an illness does not hinder economic performance at all, but social cohesive performance will be similarly hindered, with the (socially cohesive) upside of legislatively upheld penalization for such actions.

Comment Re:Maybe this will kill Man made global warming (Score 2) 140

It's an interesting point that due to its size, its power output has been very consistent (presumably areas of higher output than the norm are cancelled out by alternate areas of lower output).

Alas regarding Global Warming, we pay more attention to areas of lower temperature than the mean as proof that GW doesn't exist, than the average itself which is steadily rising higher. Which is strange since the energy entering the system isn't rising to a similar degree at all.

Comment Duty of Care? (Score 1) 454

Forgive me if I'm wrong, but does a School not have a duty of care towards the students - and thus all mature and most social media sites should be blocked, not just to prevent access by the majority, but to avoid offending the minority who might see over another student's shoulder.

Also I hear a lot of "have the computers facing the teacher" comments, but nobody is discussing one-to-one laptop programs where the screen is a lot easier to hide.

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