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Journal Journal: Burning Crusade Expansion Preview

Blizzplanet gathered info released by Blizzard Entertainment of Outland instances. The article includes lore references from previous Warcraft games, and rumors: "Tempest Keep is a dungeon in a zone called Netherstorm featured in the upcoming expansion, The Burning Crusade. It's a max level dungeon with 4 wings. 3 of the wings are 5-person normal, max level dungeons (like Dire Maul is now). One of the wings is a raid encounter."
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Journal Journal: World of Warcraft: Northrend Expansion?

Blizzard Entertainment and White Wolf Publishing worked together to develop World of Warcraft RPG: Lands of Mystery. The book comes with juicy exclusive details of Northrend, the South Seas, and Undermine -- not yet implemented in the MMORPG. The book content seems to suggest that Blizzard will develop Northrend continent some time after Burning Crusade Expansion is finally shipped out. Because of the massive size of Northrend, it is logical that the continent will be a future expansion pack. The book reveals the region names within Northrend, settlements of importance within each region, and new lore. Read a spoiler summary of the details, a table of content preview and an elaborate map of Northrend.
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Journal Journal: World of Warcraft TCG Q&A

The Public Q&A with Cory Jones -- Upper Deck Entertainment Director of Brand and New Product Development-- was a blast! Cory Jones discussed many details of the upcoming World of Warcraft Trading Card Game 2006 (TCG). Everything you wanted to know about the TCG was revealed. The "loot cards" will contain scratch off codes that allows to enable special cosmetic changes on the World of Warcraft MMORPG character. Some of the artists behind the card artwork, like Todd McFarlane among others, were mentioned. Upper Deck Entertainment hopes TCG fans will be blown away at GenCon 2006.

Journal Journal: World of Warcraft on Linux petition arises

Blizzplanet is invoking a call to all Linux users to join their crusade. Their goal is to organize many gaming players to petition an official request toward Blizzard Entertainment and Vivendi Universal which purpose is to port World of Warcraft MMORPG to Linux. The Mac OS X programmers at Blizzard might port the game to Linux natively if there is a considerable amount of players requesting it. OpenAL recently announced that Apple is now officially endorsing OpenAL and has provided a new branch of Mac OS X code which is now in CVS (needs Apple's latest CoreAudio SDK installed before compiling). What the fan site pursues is that Blizzard Entertainment integrates OpenAL into their Mac OS X build of World of Warcraft. This way the Blizzard's MMORPG could share OpenAL libraries with Linux and ship a hybrid PC/Mac/Linux retail CD allowing Linux users to play World of Warcraft. From there with the success of the MMORPG and its high number of Linux players as global model, the Game Industry may take the Linux OS user more serious.

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