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Submission + - Blizzard To Produce BlizzCast (

MEDIEVALDRAGON writes: "Blizzard Entertainment will produce an in-house ongoing series of video-podcasts featuring interviews with the Starcraft 2 and World of Warcraft developers. BlizzCast will give the community of over 9.3 million players worldwide a sneak peek or tour through development stages of upcoming World of Warcraft content patches and expansions, unannounced games, as well as the opportunity to influence the decisions behind the artistic direction of Starcraft 2 units in its pre-alpha phase. All Fansites will be directly involved in each BlizzCast with fan-submited Q&As answered by the developers. BlizzCast is a promising broadcast bringing Blizzard Entertainment and its community closer. Based on the audience and support received in this experimental BlizzCast, more resources may be put into producing more video podcasts. The first BlizzCast is scheduled to broadcast the first week of January. Each episode will be fully localized in various supported languages. BlizzCast Episode 1:
  • Interview with Sam Didier (Art Director SCII): Concepting Art for the StarCraft and Warcraft Franchises
  • Interview with Jeff Kaplan (Lead Designer WoW): Highlights of Sunwell Plateau and Patch 2.4
  • Swag given to fans at the end of each podcast episode.

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