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Comment Every stoner thinks they are geniuses when stoned. (Score 2) 878

Every stoner thinks they are geniuses when stoned. Even geniuses. I famously recall Carl Sagan commenting on his and his wife's drug use and how he felt his writing process was more elucidated while high on marijuana.

Of course, every stoner thinks they are Carl Sagan when high. "Man, l can like totally see it now, it's like, there are like billions and billions... served at this McDonalds..."


Bethesda Criticized Over Buggy Releases 397

SSDNINJA writes "This editorial discusses the habit of Bethesda Softworks to release broken and buggy games with plans to just fix the problems later. Following a trend of similar issues coming up in their games, the author begs gamers to stop supporting buggy games and to spread the idea that games should be finished and quality controlled before release – not weeks after."

Comment Re:Give it a rest (Score 1, Insightful) 99

I think that's the problem, everyone is dancing to their tune - the tune they copied/pilfered or otherwise didn't pay for... When China steals it gains unfair advantage in a market. Businesses that have to comply with legal software licensing have costs the Chinese don't. So next time we all bemoan jobs going to China instead of where we all live, remember that China's ability to steal software to reduce their price of production is an unfair advantage that leads to pricing legitimately run business out of the market.

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