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Submission + - PIrate Bay Attempting to Buy Sealand

John Mahoney writes: "The Pirate Bay, one of the worlds largest bittorrent trackers, have gotten fed up with the RIAA. They are now trying to raise money to buy the micronation of sealand, off the coast of Great Britain. They plan to set up thier servers there and abolish all copyright laws. They still need alot more to reach their goal, so come and support the cause!"
Technology (Apple)

Submission + - Cisco on the brink of losing iPhone trademark

An anonymous reader writes: Just when everyone thought that Apple had made a big mistake by announcing the iPhone when Cisco held the rights, it seems Cisco could lose the rights in iPhone in Europe through non-use, according to There's a trade mark attorney talking about it in their podcast (mp3). So what happens if Cisco has the rights in USA and Apple has the rights in Europe?

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