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Submission + - Project specifications - what is fair game?

MC68040 writes: "Hi slashdot readers, I've been working as a PHP & C programmer for an UK-based IT firm for some time now and I've run in to something of a problem; my manager isn't very it-literate. What this means in the real world is that the specification for what I need to develop for the client often comes out very 'fuzzy' to say the least, and this is not helped by that the client often isn't sure what they really want. This in it's turn leads to many (frustrating) hours of overtime for me and my co-workers. So slashdot readers, what form of "product specification" is fair to ask to from the client? What should we be able to expect them to detail? I'm not talking about 'when you click this button..' but rather in general terms, like 'the form should collect x details, some of these details should also be available from page x, specifically ...'."

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