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Comment A Kuwaiti's Rant (Score 2, Informative) 446

I'd like to note that those government officials keep pulling up crap like that every once in a while. It's kind of entertaining and frustrating at the same time.

Last year, one idiot in the Ministry of Communications issued an order to all ISPs to ban youtube. Needless to say, the ban was lifted the next day.

As for this DSLR thing, it's probably one dude who was taking a picture of scenery and some idiotic women shouted that he was taking pictures of them. It could be, but who'd do that with a huge DSLR?!

This is not some sort of media control. It's a fling & hopefully will be gone soon. I wish those morons get fired, but I know they'd just rotate to another ministry :/

Comment Re:That's pretty standard (Score 1) 303

I kind of disagree with you here.

Let's say you're doing a research and require certain information that is considered in a lower level than your research is targeting, you wouldn't want to waste your time researching that just tso that you continue your original work; Wolfram will do that part for you, therefor, they have presented you with the result of a research.

I say research because this is what it's intended for. Don't think of it as a custom furniture shop where you claim copyright to your design of the furniture.

Comment Lucky me, disk crashed (Score 1) 739

1998: Had Windows Millennium and the hard disk crashed. Got another disk, installed Slackware (first time in my life to touch Linux -- printed the installation instructions).

2 days later, I installed and configured Apache, Mysql & PHP.

Ditched Windows after 6 or 8 months.

I have normal blood pressure now.

Comment Re:Maybe, maybe not (Score 1) 266

So in the first time my query is: fish blue short fins

And then I hash it, but the next time I search, it could be: blue fish short fins, which would result in a different hash...
This is if you want to search the contents of the files.

If you're just searching for an exact file, then what you suggest is correct, but that's not how Google does it, nor how the submitter wants.

Comment Who will manufacture? (Score 1) 420

Let's assume nvidia passes the licensing issues; Can it afford its own processor fab? If not, who will make the processors?

A lot comments here suggest that nvidia is going to need the license to make the processors, where it could make the technology and strike a deal with any of existing licensed companies to make the procs.

Comment Old Skool Works! (Score 2, Informative) 411

I live in Kuwait and during my time in college, instructors have tried various "electronic" solutions like a smart board or a basic power point presentation, avoiding being interactive with students on a blackboard.

In all cases, it was always a bad idea. The smart board had problems (virus infcetions, IP conflicts, windows crashes, ...etc.) and power point presentations were dull -- myself and many others were almost asleep and drooling (and I was sitting in the first row!).

The instructor's solution to the power point presentation pandemic? Back to the blackboard and everyone woke up.

I'm in for well-maintained labs, and would stir away from giving each student a laptop/tablet. The students would abuse those machines much more than they'd benefit from them.

Teachers are there to interact with students, but by giving each student a machine, the attention would be diverted to these boxes and teachers would start pushing content into students' boxes...

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