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Comment God wants to see us once a week (Score 2, Insightful) 455

As a manager, I can tell you that I need to spend some hi-bandwidth time with my people on a regular basis. I need that interpersonal time to interact with them, make sure they have what they need and the barriers to their work are pushed out of the way. There's no substitute for eating lunch with someone to really understand where they are.

Can I imagine a corner case where work can easily be done from home and the person doesn't need that time?

Sure, but this isn't how the team works as a whole and I need the team working, as a whole.

Even God says we should get together with him once a week face to face

Comment The shape is all wrong (Score 1) 178

It needs to look like a jet ski or motorcycle. There should be 4 fans, one on each corner and the user interface would be more like a motorcycle. Let go of the handles and it automatically goes into stabilized mode and your feet would control the brakes and forward acceleration. The whole thing would fit into a standard parking spot. It would have speed determined left and right tilt. In a high speed turn, the rider wants to tilt into the direction of the turn, just like a motorcycle. however, for low speed hover control the rider would lean into the direction he wants to go. Trying to nudge to the left a little to hit the parking spot, just lean to the left.

Why should the feet dangle like a pair of dead twigs. This isn't natural and it puts the operator in an uncomfortable position. No other human operated machine ignore the legs. You also loose two potential inputs for control. And lets be honest, you couldn't shoot at the enemy using this thing. But if it was a motorcycle in the air, you could still control it by leaning your body and controlling forward speed with your feet. That free's up your arms to fire.

And let's be honest, unless we get the army to buy enough of these things to lower the manufacturing cost, we'll never see one in the garage.

Comment 3D is a Gimmick (Score 5, Insightful) 281

3D movies and such have been around for a very long time. It was a marketing gimmick then and it still is. There is little additional value to the entertainment experience and in general, we are willing to sacrifice quality for volume. MP3, JPG, and cellphone audio quality are perfect examples of consumer willingness for lower quality but higher convenience. 3D adds a lot of cost and complexity, but little additional benefit. And mostly, I am not going to buy my teenagers $120 glasses just so they can watch more TV.


Submission + - Slashdot users imasculated by dillution

MBAslug writes: Slashdot recently posted a news article about Microsoft's addition to Linux and by the end of the day only 291 people had posted comments. Clearly this dearth of postings must be taken as the end of the experiment, the end of the collective. The slashdot BORG uniformly stood for all that was good, intelligent, and right in the geek world. And now, like the English empire, Slashdot has faded into obscurity. Like a divide by infinity error, the truth has disappeared. Woe to us us all.

Comment Tell the truth, plainly (Score 2, Informative) 958

Gather the details of what is installed by using belarc's survey software. Summarize the number of computers, the unlicensed software and the steps necessary to move forward. Go to the executive privately first. This will allow him to evaluate and consider the path without cornering him.

The next step is going to be an evaluation by the managers to determine what software their people really need.

In the end, they need to get proper licenses, and no executive is going to wantonly commit federal fraud.

Hardware Hacking

Submission + - Linux Boot on Dell E4200

MBAslug writes: "As the proud owner of the svelt Lattitude E4200 from Dell (in blue), I am obsessed with the tiny "Instant ON" button on the left corner. This boots the laptop into a Linux shell that should allow me access to the Outlook database on my high-speed SSD drive. The neanderthals running the corporate IT have chosen Lotus Notes and so the feature is useless to me. I want to boot to the application of my choice. Having moved into management, my geek credibility and skills have atrophied to that of an 8-year old and I haven't been able to figure out how to hack this feature to boot directly to a linux shell instead of Dell's application. Please, for the sake of this old man, can someone guide me into the promised land of a dual-boot Dell laptop with dedicated linux processor? Help us Obi Wan, you;re our only hope."

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