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Comment Power Glove? (Score 1) 91

Didn't the power glove have the same basic concept as the Wiimote? It had 3 sensors you put around your TV. I'm guessing all they're going to have to do is show a short demonstration of Super Glove Ball to win, unless Nintendo messed up the patent process somewhere

Comment Re:Final Fantasy (Score 1) 1120

Final Fantasy 8 would be the best candidate for a "reboot". If they completely removed random encounters and leveling up and focused exclusively on the draw/junction system, it could have been an excellent game. Instead they went with that nonsense where enemies level up with you and usually get stronger from levels than you ever would, which means the game basically punishes you for playing it. Add to that the fact that upgrading weapons required random drops and that going for many of the later guardian forces caused you to end up gaining a few levels (which to reiterate, is a bad thing in this game, as opposed to every other RPG ever) and you have a recipe for problems. It actually looked like it was their plan to remove the typical RPG system and do something completely different with the junction system, but instead it ended up with the old school RPG system staying as the focus and both systems seem to end up working against each other. FFVIII could have completely broken the mold and changed RPGs forever, but it didn't go far enough, which is really too bad and why a "reboot" that breaks all the old molds could end up as something excellent.

Comment Re:"Self sustaining base" (Score 1) 519

replacement parts, and that means mines, chemical plants, machine shops, factories and chip-fabrication facilities.

these are all valid concerns if the station is to stand on its own, aren't they? A university is going a bit too far but isn't maintaining the system keeping everyone alive without shipments from Earth a major part of "self sustaining"? comparing legitimate concerns to chain stores and restaurants is absurd. There's also the fact that, as mentioned elsewhere, we have yet to establish even an experimental biosphere that hasn't catastrophically failed, right here on this planet where it won't kill everyone involved if it doesn't work. That isn't to say we should give up, but right now colonizing another planet seems to be legitimately beyond our means. There are tons of intermediary steps necessary to make a system that will work indefinitely, and rushing it will only increase the chance of failure. This is not a computer program, it has to work the first time, all the time, forever, no mistakes. People have been working on the problems of space travel for quite some time, and no matter how much money or effort you throw at it, it is unlikely to succeed without a better understanding of how ecological systems work here on Earth. If we screw up a system that has worked without us for millions of years how could we possibly establish another one somewhere else? If you want to compare it to airplanes, it wasn't possible to go beyond simple gliders that would eventually crash until internal combustion engines that were both light and fast enough to allow flight were in place, and our current technology involving self sustaining ecological systems is more like one of these than the engines in even the earliest airplanes.

Comment Re:Worried, maybe. (Score 1) 163

The idea that something should be legal because it is usually used for legal means and only in exceptions for illegal ones is one of the past.

Is anyone else bothered by how something this is always given in an authoritative tone in these types of posts when it is meant either sarcastically or to incite people to act? How long until people just start taking it as fact? Didn't Goebbels say something about repeating a lie often enough? It is getting to the point where I can't tell outrage from acceptance anymore in a lot of these posts.

Comment Re:Multiplayer Mario (Score 1) 101

You haven't played Super Mario War, have you? the game its based on is basically a simple death match mode of Super Mario where you try to jump on the other player, and this updated version adds power ups from the various games into the mix. It's probably what this new super mario bros game will devolve into after a few minutes of "friendly co op gameplay", though hopefully Nintendo will include a death match mode too.

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