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Comment Re:Gross? (Score 4, Insightful) 359

The Autobahn isn't shit comparatively, straight line speed is easy. Like most guys I like to drive fast, we all think we can do it because we've driven down the interstate at 100-150 before. I was given a gift certificate once for Richard Petty so of course I thought it was going to be great. Not so great, the constant G's wear you down quickly. the visibility in the turns is non existent. Its very disconcerting when you have to fight to see more than 4 or 5 car lengths ahead of yourself when you are buried in the banking, there isn't any equivalent. Driving the Pikes Peak race would be less stressful. Cresting over a hill is fun, if you've done this on a motorcycle and gotten air you know what I mean negative Gs are a great sensation. Pushing inside a hill with NO visibility at that speed fighting against G's is terrifying. If anybody thinks they could compete with 42 other cars for 500 miles should first try walking into a cage with 42 hungry lions first. Point is its a deadly serious competition, everything else is just a sport as they say.

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