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Comment Re:Latency? (Score 0) 228

no, i'm talking about adding another application layer through means of virtualization or multiplexing rather than updating all the sources to better communicate directly and natively.

it looks like you never learned what might CAUSE increased latency, idiot.

don't put words in my mouth. you are NOTHING.

Comment Re:Free from apple right? (Score 0) 439

have you looked at the cost of math texts lately?

i worked on a mathematics teaching expert system under a grant from the national science foundation... interactive homework helps students grasp concepts much much faster, not by telling them how to do things right, but by understanding how and why the student did things wrong, and conveying that knowledge on to them.

for example, the most basic arithmetic assignment might ask a student "what is 2 * 4?"... if the student answered, "6" it's pretty obvious they are getting the "+" and "*" symbols confused.

Comment Re:Latency? (Score 1, Insightful) 228

latency does not get the respect it should... ease of implementation and ease of expansion has been steamrolling over latency for years... the developers would rather make their lives easier than make their user's lives better.


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