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Comment Re:Mars is a bust completly (Score 1) 103

Wait, what?

/earth/ crossing??

I think you have sorely misunderstood the problems facing further space exploration. We do NOT need the fuel on earth. This is not where we need it. We have the ability to make fuel here already. We need a permanent place to make fuel (and acquire water) OFF of earth because those are the two heaviest things we take up into space and the biggest limitors to our exploring further in it.

Not to mention that asteroids are not exactly easy to get to? I mean good luck doing the maths of all those trajectories and avoiding everything else in the asteroid belt while you're at it. I thought you maybe knew something I didn't regarding that, but I am finding myself sorely disappointed.

Comment Re:Honestly... (Score 1) 396

For me (and anybody else with an APD), yes. Yes I do. It's that or spend half an hour on the phone repeatedly saying "I'm sorry, can you repeat that?" before eventually giving up and still not knowing what they were talking about.

Comment Re:Score (Score 1) 677

I'm fairly certain 'lefties' are the ones who advocate free speech. I'm not 100% on American politics, but here at least it's the 'lefties' supporting civil liberties.

It's the 'think of the children!' people you want to be attacking here. The ones that want to destroy freedoms for the sake of not offending anybody. I think you'll find they're right-wing. ;)

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