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Journal Journal: apparently I am a geek.... 3

Well, apparently I am a geek. I wasn't always a geek you see it is just something that happened over time. I was once a normal party-girl and who needed written directions to turn on the computer (I swear its true) Then the unthinkable. I married a geek... Who would have thought. (Okay I knew but he was cute and could make me laugh) I didn't think it would rub off like cooties but it does. It started with kill games. Duke Nukem, Diablo, Quake etc. I couldn't get enough. I could spend hours in front of the computer killing things! I didn't like the games where I controlled an army - they just got in my way and I wound up killing them all. I just wanted to run around and blow things brains out. That was over 10 years ago. And while I still don't look like a geek.. alas it true, I am. Although I draw the line and the... gee I don't even remember what it is called -- I want to say the Star Trek festival -- or the I don't know it happens every year by us, people go, dress up, some refuse to bath... but Oh yeah I remember... ICON.. I will not go. You will never find me there - on this I will not give in. I am a closet geek.. And that's okay!

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