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Submission + - 10 Amazing Things You Can Do To Reduce Stress And

medic2424 writes: "We live in a society were excessive stress and anxiety is prevalent over many other things. The reality is that we can't get away from it, but we can do things to fight it and don't let it get to us. I will share with you guys 10 amazing tips that will reduce your stress and anxiety levels greatly."

Submission + - Spam levels and aggressive botnet activities

An anonymous reader writes: A spam-sending Trojan dubbed "SpamThru" is responsible for a vast amount of the recent botnet activity which has significantly increased spam levels to almost three out of every four emails. The developers of SpamThru exploited numerous tactics to eliminate detection and enhance outreach such as releasing new strains of the Trojan at regular intervals in order to confuse traditional anti-virus signatures detection.

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