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Comment Re:No privileges to install Cr or Fx (Score 1) 137

I also do not understand, those people still using MSIE

I gather many of them are people at work who lack privileges to install other browsers or to run executables from writable directories. This is reportedly common on government PCs that need to connect to IE-only intranet apps.

Yup. Still at IE8 on my US Gov't workstation. At least they allow us FF now, though the helpdesk is complaining that frequency of FF updates is burdensome to them. Those poor, misguided children have never heard of FF ESR.

Comment Re:Passive aggressive much? (Score 2) 160

Why doesn't FB just man-up and tell the truth, e.g., "Dear people who have FaceBook accounts: Until you start paying for this service, you have no say in how we operate. Our real customers, i.e., advertisers, were quite pleased with the results of our little test. They now have more insight into you and can better target their advertising to you. This, in turn, makes us more valuable to them and we make more money by growing our customer base and/or raising our advertising rates. Now go about your business and keep hitting that 'Like' button."

Disclaimer: I'm on FaceBook everyday, but with with no illusions of privacy...

Comment Re:Schneier is right, as usual (Score 0) 478

My last crash happened when I unexpectedly came upon a huge diesel spill covering the road in the middle of a turn. Went down so fast, I never even got my hands off the bars. I was wearing my helmet at the time and good thing, too, because... oh wait, it never impacted anything. I landed on my shoulder and my face (jaw) and went sliding down the street in a pool of diesel. Almost knocked me out and I had a headache for 3 days, but my helmet, unscathed, lived to ride another day!

From the fun with statistics department: All the people I *personally* knew who died as a result of collision or crash while riding their bicycle (sample size: 3), all of them were wearing helmets. So, 100% mortality rate!

Also, I love it when someone says after a crash while showing me a cracked helmet, "the helmet saved my life!" I usually respond with, "how do you know that? Have you previously had a similar crash for comparison purposes and not survived?"

Now of course, I believe that a bike helmet has some protective capacities. I just believe risk of riding without one has been overstated, especially for people with decent bike handling skills

Comment Re:Schneier is right, as usual (Score 1) 478

Absolutely. We need to start by abolishing the TSA, followed shortly by DHS. And I say that as a survivor of the 9/11 attack on the Pentagon. Yes, I was scared as it was happening, but that was fleeting. Pissed, yes, that someone tried to kill me. Scared after an hour? Nope.

I also ride my bicycle without a helmet sometimes. People look at me as if I'd just killed a puppy and ask, "don't you know dangerous that is?" To which I say, "Yes, I do. I consider my bike handling skills, the physics involved in a crash, the likelihood of a crash based on my skill level, the likelihood of a crash involving a head injury, the likelihood of a crash involving a brain injury, the likelihood of a crash involving a traumatic brain injury and I accept the very low level of risk of riding without a beer cooler on my head today."

Now, I also ride motorcycles on the street (at reasonable speeds) and on the track (at ludicrous speeds) and I always wear my helmet. People try to tell me that makes me a hypocrite. I say, "No. That makes me someone who understands risk." (and physics)

Comment Re:Butt ugly and another car designed for CAFE (Score 1) 164

On the assumption the Volt owner was uninformed rather than rude, I left a nice note explaining that the Leaf does not have a gasoline engine, and how the blue lights on the dash indicate charge state, pointing out that when you see a car with a single blue light flashing, you should probably leave it plugged in.

It was quite possibly a misunderstanding. On a Volt a flashing green light means fully charged, while a solid green means still charging. Seems backwards to me and hoping someone will come up with a hack to change it.

Comment Re:everyone forgetting one thing about federal gov (Score 0) 197

What everyone's really forgetting is that this is just ONE of their data centers. Where do you think they've been holding all this data up until now? Most NSA data centers were probably built during the heyday of mainframes and therefore already bigger than average, with the power and cooling to support big iron. Probably only represents 20% of their capacity at most. Hell, this might just be an off-site backup for agency records or the world's largest WoW server.

Comment Re:Not $85 billion (Score 0) 277

This! Not a real budget cut, but simply a reduction in the growth of spending. However, I, as a DoD civilian will personally take a 10% cut in my salary this Fiscal Year. The politics of going after the people first doesn't sit well with most of us rank-and-file types. You know, the non-political 99% of government that's really just trying to make this country better despite what the congress and WH do.

There are plenty of things the gov't could stop doing or buying that would more than cover that $44B, but once gov't gets its hands on something it has a really hard time letting go. Personally, I think the Federal Government should be doing only about half of what it's doing right no,w, but it will never abdicate those roles.

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