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Comment Re:As for writing the inevitable sequel (Score 1) 544

What's Harlan Ellison up to these days? He'd be a complete PITA to work with, but you know the screenplay would be in some damn capable hands.

Not sure, but I heard he was in an escalating feud with Death over a copyright issue. At this point, who the winner will be is unclear, but vast general devastation of the surrounding environment (Los Angeles) is expected.

Comment Re:North Central United States (Score 1) 1190

I wish I where as smart as you sir, perhaps I could figure out how you just disproved my theory with two paragraphs worth of utter bullshit.

It was in the first paragraph, so concentrate your efforts at understanding there. If you're having trouble understanding any of the big words, ask an adult to help you. Also, try googling "Post hoc ergo propter hoc".

Comment Re:Geeze (Score 1) 152

You know - primates. As opposed to people evolved from fish like the Minbari, or from lizards like the Narn, or giant hydra like the Vorlons.

The Vorlons didn't evolve from hydra (giant or otherwise), they've always been here.

Comment Re:Job prospects (Score 1) 243

I would have to say that this student will not have a problem finding a job after graduation.

CERN: Now Xiaohang, Sherry is going to show you around the place. She can answer any questions you might have about fringe benefits or dress codes or anything and I'll see you back upstairs when you're done, okay? Sherry, take good care of this young lady. She's one of the ten finest minds kin the country.

XIAOHANG: Someday I hope to be two of them.

She'll probably have some trouble with the test from later in the movie...the 6 inch spike-hammering one.

Comment Re:Good Luck Boys (Score 1) 83

Getting old? Shuttles are old - the Discovery alone is 25 years old and the Enterprise first flew in 1977. Hopefully the next generation of spacecraft will be able to last as long (or longer) in a very reliable fashion.

I didn't think the shuttle Enterprise ever actually went into space, am I not remembering correctly?

Comment Re:Tax Cheats? (Score 1) 325

As for disability, why should the fact that something bad happened to you mean everyone else should be punished? Do you really think you are so important that if you could no longer work (and therefore not make money, assuming you're living alone with no family) that the rest of the population should pay you to sit at home and do nothing? That is a terrible waste of money and a huge burden to society.

That's a real good way to let someone like Stephen Hawking die, but then he hasn't really done anything worthwhile for society, has he? Don't worry though, I remember another group people who decided that the disabled (among other groups) should just be left to die. It sounds like you'd fit right in with them. If you have a time machine handy, set it for the late 1930s and get yourself to Germany.

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