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Comment I own a MetaWatch (Score 1) 365

And honestly I love it.

I basically got it because I would often miss texts and calls coming from my iPhone because I tend to leave it on vibrate. I sometimes don't feel it going off in my pocket and if it is in my coat or bag I won't get the message until way to late. I see posts out there that tend to be pretty contemptuous along the lines of "Oh poor hipster, it's just too damned difficult to get your phone out...", and honestly yes...yes it is if you don't carry the phone in your friggin' pocket. The key here is the simplicity of the display. The watch itself is a little clunky and complex and the button arrangement takes some getting use to. The display however is pretty clean and simple, and the watch does not try to do any aside from be another way to get basic info to your eyeballs.

Comment Re:Let's bring some numbers into this... (Score 2) 954

Which just proves your ignorance, Social Security comes from a separate bucket than 'Federal Income Taxes'. While you can take the whole of Domestic Spending and lump them into one thing and claim 'see how much we spend' it's not really fair. Social Security is taxed separately on payroll and does not come out of the general fund. It also does not figure into the general budget. You want to have a discussion about SS security and it's associated wotes, fine, but it should not be part of the budget debate because honestly it does not figure.

Comment Time factor (Score 1) 1880

I have Ubuntu and Win 7 dual booted and I have been finding myself on Win 7 more and more. It has came down to the fact that I have two kids, a wife, a job, and a house. I just don't have the time to keep dicking with config files on Ubuntu to make things happen on the machine. Don't get me started on tweaking WINE.


Facebook To Make Facebook Credits Mandatory For Games 116

An anonymous reader sends this excerpt from TechCrunch: "Facebook has confirmed that it is indeed making Facebook Credits mandatory for Games, with the rule going into effect on July 1 2011. Facebook says that Credits will be the exclusive way for users to get their 'real money' into a game, but developers are still allowed to keep their own in-game currencies (FarmBucks, FishPoints, whatever). For example, Zynga can charge you 90 Facebook Credits for 75 CityCash in CityVille. ... The company acknowledges that some developers may not be pleased with the news, explaining this is why it is announcing the news five months in advance, so it can 'have an open conversation with developers.' The rule only applies to Canvas games (games that use Facebook Connect aren't affected), and while it's games only at this part, Facebook says that it eventually would like to see all apps using Facebook Credits. It's a move that's been a long time coming — there has been speculation that Facebook would do this for a year now, spurring plenty of angst in the developer community."

Comment You don't want a video conference solution (Score 3, Informative) 253

Video conferencing is for two parties to voice chat, video chat, and share data, etc for a set period of time. I think what you really should think about is a webcam streaming service. There are many sites out there that allow you to embed a live feed from a webcam in a webpage for a small fee. A lot of them will provide the page and give you direct URL and provide the local client software to stream the feed to the web page. You get one for your computer, your wife gets one for the home PC. You watch their page and they watch yours. All of this is designed to run full time as long as the PC is on, can be set to start at boot up, will save your settings and logon info etc. That way you have an always on solution. I don't remember the service I used to use. A quick look at google got me to


OH Senate Passes Bill Banning Human-Animal Hybrids 197

An anonymous reader writes "The sci-fi movie Splice seems to have scared the Ohio's State Senator Steve Buehrer. The Ohio Senate has passed Sen. Buehrer's bill banning 'the creation, transportation, or receipt of a human-animal hybrid, the transfer of a nonhuman embryo into a human womb, and the transfer of a human embryo into a nonhuman womb.' So much for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles."

Ted Dziuba Says, "I Don't Code In My Free Time" 619

theodp writes "When he gets some free time away from his gigs at startup Milo and The Register, you won't catch Ted Dziuba doing any recreational programming. And he wouldn't want to work for a company that doesn't hire those who don't code in their spare time. 'You know what's more awesome than spending my Saturday afternoon learning Haskell by hacking away at a few Project Euler problems?' asks Dziuba. 'F***, ANYTHING.'"

Comment Re:Begging the question. (Score 1) 461

Ummmm...they say that they have been waiting for Live Migration....I would say that prior to this feature being released it is safe to say that Hyper-V was not meeting their needs. I believe the author's point was that it appeared that Nissan upper management may have rammed Hyper-v through because they got a 'sweet deal' from MS, rather than buying a more expensive product that had the features they originally wanted.


Wired Writer Disappears, Find Him and Make $5k 135

carp3_noct3m writes "A freelance Wired magazine journalist has decided to see what it is like to disappear from normal life, all while staying on the grid. The catch, is that he is challenging anyone and everyone to find him, take a picture, and speak a special codeword to him. If you can do that, you can make 5000 dollars, which happens to come out of his paycheck for the article he'll be writing. Oh, and to top it all off, whoever finds him gets pictures and interviews in Wired. He has been posting to his Twitter, using TOR for internet, and the Wired website will be posting his credit card transactions."

10 Worst Evolutionary Designs 232

JamJam writes "Besides my beer gut, which I'm sure has some purpose, Wired is running a story on the 10 Worst Evolutionary Designs. Ranging from baby giraffes being dropped 5-foot during birth to Goliath bird-eating spiders that practically explode when they fall from trees."

What's the Importance of Graphics In Video Games? 506

An anonymous reader writes "I develop games as a hobby. I've experimented with games on almost every platform available. For me, the gameplay is the most influential factor of a game, with history and graphics dividing second place. But, for some reason, it's not the technical beauty of the graphics that appeal to me. I have played Crysis, and I've played Pokémon games. The graphics of the Pokémon games entertain me as much as the graphics of Crysis. I think both are beautiful. So, why is the current generation of games giving so much importance to the realism in graphic games? I think it is sufficient for a game to have objects that are recognizable. For example, while the water in some games may not look as good as in Crysis, I can still tell it's water. What are your opinions on the current direction of game graphics? Do you prefer easy-to-render 3D scenes that leave space for beautiful effects, like with Radiosity, or more complex 3D scenes that try to be realistic?"

Comment I think the URE is being misinterpreted.... (Score 1) 803

In the post the writer states that SATA drives
have a URE rate of approx. 12 Terabytes. I would think that the URE rate applies to a single drive. Meaning that on any given drive you can expect for every 12 TB you will get an error. The key here is *for any given drive*. Therefore isn't it erroneous to apply that error rate across multiple drives? Every drive resets the chances back to 12 TB limit. Since drives are still limited to about 1-2 TB in size I would think this issue is years off. When drives are 12 TB then there will be issues.

Can someone tell me if I am wrong?

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