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Creative Commons Responds To ASCAP Letter 161

An anonymous reader writes "Drew Wilson at ZeroPaid has a followup to the story about ASCAP telling its members that organizations like EFF and Creative Commons are undermining copyright. A spokesperson from Creative Commons said, 'It's very sad that ASCAP is falsely claiming that Creative Commons works to undermine copyright. Creative Commons licenses are copyright licenses — plain and simple, without copyright, these tools don't even work.' He also said, 'Many tens of thousands of musicians, including acts like Nine Inch Nails, the Beastie Boys, David Byrne, Radiohead, and Snoop Dogg, have used Creative Commons licenses to share with the public.' Many ASCAP members are already expressing their disappointment with the ASCAP letter over at Mind the Gap. Sounds like ASCAP will be in damage control for a while."

Comment Let the Phoenix police know what you think. (Score 1) 515

Here's a link to the feedback form on their website:

Perhaps if a ton of Slashdotters leave them critical feedback of what they did, it might knock some sense into them. (I would maintain a level of courtesy in the message, if you choose to do this. It's harder to disregard when it's kept civil.)

Comment Re:Simple solution: quit being a customer (Score 1) 141

Amen to that.

I adamantly refuse to support the RIAA labels until they stop treating consumers like crap.

That doesn't mean changing the tactics used in treating consumers like crap - it means STOP TREATING THEM LIKE CRAP.

Sadly, though - for every one person who refuses to purchase their wares, there are ten more who need their "Soulja Boy fix", and will keep groups like UMG in business. To make matters worse, groups like UMG and Sony obviously aren't one-trick ponies. They have other industries they can draw money from, even if their music component doesn't make one dime.

One can only hope that if the music component of their business declined enough, they would kick it to the curb, but that's not a given.

Comment Re:IANAL, so...? (Score 4, Interesting) 97

What's the penalty for this kind of thing, in terms of the company and individuals? I hope there's some personal liability in there somewhere.

I hope there's a penalty too, but going after MediaSentry itself is pointless. They're just a disposable face.

The court should take out its judicial fury on the corporations pulling MediaSentry's strings. I'm not talking about the RIAA either. Keep going even further back. Follow the money. Make the real people calling the shots accountable.

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