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Comment They don't want to read (Score 2, Insightful) 951

They're calling you because they want you to come fix it, personally. They don't want to do anything on their own, even if it's as simple as following verbal instructions over the phone. Users don't want to read an error to you. They either want to continue what they were working on before they were stopped unexpectedly, or continue researching kitten videos on Youtube.

Comment Take a Smartphone (Score 1) 1095

Depends on the size of the laptop and where you'll be keeping it. If you're staying in a hotel for a week, you should be OK, but if you're backpacking through hostels, forget it - I hauled a 17" laptop in a backpack through New Zealand a couple of years ago. It was useful for writing blog entries and whatnot, but pointless when you can't find any (free) Wifi. To be honest, my T-Mobile Dash was more useful. I'd type up emails and entries on the phone then save them to the SD card. I'd then take the card to an Internet kiosk and pay for as little Internet as possible, just enough to copy/paste from the card into whatever I was sending to the cloud.

I'm going to make another trip to NZ in the near future, and will probably forgo the laptop this time in favor of my T-Mobile G1.

Comment Counternotification (Score 1) 324

The original poster can file a counternotification to determine that information. If the person who filed the claim does not have the right to control copyright matters for the work in question, the poster would be entitled to damages suffered. However, they'd have a pretty tough time proving a financial loss.

Comment Monopoly on driving surfaces required (Score 1) 891

The government does not hold a monopoly on every driving surface on earth. What about private driveways? Unpaved roads? Tunnels? Moreover, why GPS? You can get the same system with a publicly displayed odometer.

If this is ever mandated to be in a vehicle, I'll be wrapping that little bundle of joy in aluminum foil.

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