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Comment Re:The other way to read this... (Score 1) 220

What I haven't seen someone point out is that the average Android user is more technologically advanced than the average iPhone or Windows Phone user. Therefore, percentagewise, as given in the article, there will be less people calling for simple software/computer illiterate tech support and more people calling for true failures/critical errors.

Remember back in your tech support days where you got calls asking how to open up Office or how to get to the Internet or why your laptop won't turn on... oh wait that happens to me anyway just because I've got a job in 'computers'.

Comment Re:Cheers for Egyptians Everywhere! (Score 1) 137

Why are people so foolish that they think they don't have the right to free speech? (Or travel, or privacy in their homes, et cetera.)

People do have a right to free speech (I'm assuming you were going towards US constitutional rights). However, they may not have a right to using the medium. Things don't construct and maintain themselves magically. You need manpower, which converts to money, to do it. If you want the Internet, you A) pay a private company for your usage of the medium, or B) pay a public company (aka government) to give access to the Internet.

You're welcome to go ahead and dig trenches connecting cities, states, and countries.

Eventually, whether I agree with it or not, I believe Internet companies are going to be regulated and managed like the essentials: electricity, gas, and water.

Comment Re:Horrible. (Score 1) 2254

The post had 3 parts:

1: "I love it"
Funny because the consensus is 'horrible', from the title.

2. Steve
Steve Jobs would say that because it's WHITE. I don't know if you've noticed, but Apple loves white.

3. Sent from my iPhone
Builds on 2. Would you really expect anyone on /. to carry an iPhone over Droid? Why do you care if it's sent from an iPhone or via telegraph?

I hope you're now sure why it got modded funny. If not, please look for the rainbows and unicorns someone else found on the website.

Comment Re:Tried it today (Score 1) 470

And I just assumed MS was being a b**** by removing shortcuts in 2007 ant 2010. Good thing I use OpenOffice (and soon LibreOffice) for everything. Though it was annoying not being able to save simply by pressing Ctrl+S

Comment Re:"I don't make resolutions, you insensitive clod (Score 1) 177

I agree. Why wait until Christmas to give each other presents? Why not do it throughout the year? Why wait until Valentine's Day to give each other chocolates and flowers? Why wait until Veterans' Day to honor veterans? These are all things we should always be doing. These days shouldn't be reminders or requirements for each other.

I wonder about the people who work tirelessly just to make their child's holiday 'perfect'. We should know better than that and should teach our children likewise.

Comment Re:This isn't helping. (Score 1) 369

Adobe and Autodesk certainly. No student could afford the price of their design products, and they know it. I imagine they tolerate student piracy so that those students will go on to become professional users and pay for a licence, rather than turn to free software or lower-cost competitors.

Doesn't it seem awkward to you that engineers are held to a strict standard on ethics yet they're pirating Autodesk? Just throwing it out there.

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