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Comment Re:Democracy restored (Score 4, Informative) 1592

The members of the european commission are chosen by the national governments and the european commission as a whole is then either accepted or rejected by the european parliament. Every proposal they do, must then be accepted by the european parliament. The members of european parliament are selected by voting on a certain party on a national level. Those national parties can, and probably will, have alliances with similar parties from other countries. While it is not ideal, it certainly is democratic.

Comment Re:Chaotic Systems (Score 1) 148

Ok, you have identified some issues on which you agree with him that they are a problem. Nice. But that is only the first step. Now the important questions, do you approve of his solution and do you think your candidate can manage implementing those solutions. My problem Trump and his ilk is that they either fail to provide a solution or it is completely bonkers.

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