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Comment Re:Criticism without Solution (Score 1) 693

That includes medicines, although some leftist environmentalists sound like they're actually endorsing shorter lifespans and global die-offs

You should not be mistaken many environmentalist groups are riddled with members who support such ideas. Infact it might seem new but this point of view has been around from the start of the environmental movement if not before and thats going back almost a hundred years. Do a little research on the subject and you will be suprised at what you will find.

Just look at what happened with the Sierra Club. Their membership for voting in leaders is around 6-8% and many of these people have sized positions of power within the Sierra Club because of low turnout of ballots. They almost took over the national office this year and might take it over the next.

I would not call them leftwingers, rightwingers or liberals but they are a hardcore of crazies who do exist and should be watched out for if you are a member of an environmentalist group(s).

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