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Submission + - Where has all the Xenon gone? (

LucidBeast writes: "Xenon the second heaviest of the noble gasses is only found in trace amounts in the atmosphere. Atmosphere contains less Xenon than other lighter noble gasses. Missing Xenon has perplexed scientists and it has been speculated that it is hiding in the earths mantle. Now a group at the University of Bayreuth in Germany think that they might found the answer. I turns out that Xenon does not dissolve easily into Magnesium silicate perovskite, thus it cannot hide there. And because it had no place to hide it is now gone forever."

Submission + - Forgotten map maker? (

LucidBeast writes: "Mapping the world isn't easy as our friends in Cupertino have found out. To masses Google maps seem ubiquitous, but there is a less known real heavy weight still mapping the world. Nokias acquired Navteq in 2007 and five years later they are still reading fleet data and scanning cities with LIDAR and 360 degree cameras."

Submission + - Horizontal evolution overlooked 1

LucidBeast writes: Carl Woese is quoted in New Scientist article: "Biology built up a facade of mathematics around the juxtaposition of Mendelian genetics with Darwinism,and as a result it neglected to study the most important problem in science — the nature of the evolutionary process."

Carl Woese and physicist Nigel Goldenfeld argue, that even in its sophisticated modern form, Darwins theory applies only to a recent phase of life on Earth.

Submission + - How do geckos decide when to grip

LucidBeast writes: "Geckos have amazing ability to grip to a surface without adhesive. A paper (pdf) by Anthony Russell of the University of Calgary in Canada and Timothy Higham of Clemson University in South Carolina explains that geckos perception of the body orientation determines whether to grip or not to grip. Interesting overview of the study can be read in Guardian."

Submission + - New identity card standard group formed

LucidBeast writes: NYT article:

SAN FRANCISCO — Microsoft, Google and PayPal, a unit of eBay, are among the founders of an industry organization that hopes to solve the problem of password overload among computer users. The Information Card Foundation is an effort to create a single industry wide approach to managing identity online that promises to reduce drastically the use of passwords and create a system that is less vulnerable to fraud.
I wonder if this Microsoft representative has ever checked how his mobile phone authenticates him to the cellular network:

The technology will first be used on desktop systems but will eventually find its way to mobile phones and other hand-held devices
Foundations wiki like web page. Perhaps these wendors don't want to wait for operators to grab this market with cellular authentication standards or the financial sectors solutions.
Operating Systems

Submission + - Nokia overtaking Symbian

LucidBeast writes: Worlds still most distributed operating system is being bought out by Nokia. Symbian is facing increasing competition and needs to be improved in the face of it. Other smart phone manufacturers might want to look for other alternatives, but perhaps single organization can better address Symbians woes.

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