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Comment Re:Good Setup (Score 1) 360

4) Don't use any kind of virtual environment, they just have no performance to offer and should never be used in a desktop setting.
9) Give every developer a multi head setup with good keyboards and mice, this never gets acknowledged, but a good Mechanical keyboard is essential
11) All the developers should have isolated build servers, that they have near full control over, maybe not the root account, but damn near.
12) Don't allow IT to dictate how the computers for the developers are used.
13) Buy high quality chairs that are designed for long work sessions, they can be pricey but they're worth it.
14) Allow developers to have full flex time, so they don't have strict hours, they can work 8 hours over the course of the day.
15) Don't allow management to over plan meetings.

I'll second #'s 9, and 11 through 15.

Regarding #4, I use a Linux VM on a Windows Host to good effect.

Comment Re:Actually you are flat out WRONG (Score 1) 399

The Wikipedia article seems to indicate that laptop searches are legal -- at least in the jurisdiction of the 9th district:

The majority also found that reasonable suspicion was not needed since they considered the inspection as a routine search.

This is inconsistent with the PBS article, however:

In spring 2013, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the government should have reasonable suspicion before conducting a comprehensive search of an electronic device.

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