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Comment Re:Actually you are flat out WRONG (Score 1) 399

The Wikipedia article seems to indicate that laptop searches are legal -- at least in the jurisdiction of the 9th district:

The majority also found that reasonable suspicion was not needed since they considered the inspection as a routine search.

This is inconsistent with the PBS article, however:

In spring 2013, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the government should have reasonable suspicion before conducting a comprehensive search of an electronic device.

Comment Re:They want you there... (Score 1) 294

I've often wondered if pair programming, coupled with an appropriate voting system, would allow compensation to be distributed more fairly. The developers would all experience their relative levels of expertise and could rate themselves accordingly. Naturally, the voting system would have to be carefully chosen.

Comment Replace the first-past-the-post voting system (Score 1) 694

The first-past-the-post (or plurality) voting system used in most public elections in the United States is arguably the worst possible choice of voting systems because it favors two parties, is relatively easy to manipulate, is relatively easy to gerrymander, wastes votes, and has resulted in a dysfunctional congress. It should be replaced in all elections with a superior system (e.g., Approval voting, a Condorcet method, Majority Judgment, or Range voting).

Comment Public funding of elections (Score 1) 694

As it stands now, members of congress apparently spend 40 to 60% of their time *on the job* seeking campaign donations. This raises reasonable doubt as to their true constituency. Public funding of all elections would eliminate this source of potential corruption at a cost that is much less than the benefit to society.

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