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Comment Re: Start here (Score 1) 1145

I much prefer Fahrenheit to metric for temperature measurement. It might be less convenient for chemistry, since that is the nomenclature but for everyday use fahrenheit is more precise. There are one hundred units from zero degrees Celsius to 100 (freezing to boiling water). From 32 to 212 degrees Fahrenheit there are 180 units.

Comment History. (Score 1) 227

The reason there is less scrutiny is simply history. Nuclear weapons were used in the last world war. Biological warfare was not used extensively since WWI. It was used in mid evil times and in the American wars against native Americans but biological weapons are more difficult to contain than other weapons of mass destruction and are less widely used for that reason. Also, there are justifiable reasons for biological research in the medical research field that might be severally limited if over-regulation were applied. This is not to say that misuse of biological pathogens is any less deadly.

Comment Apple's Future (Score 0, Troll) 263

I hate to speak ill of the man so soon after death but I always felt Apple was always too restrained by him. Every thing they do is so closed and exclusive. They never extended a hand to the open source community. Yes, the same could have been said of Microsoft but Apple seemed off the deep end. This did offer some of the benefits of Job's vision but I think Apple may be poised in a better position now. Time will tell.

Comment Occupy Everywhere (Score 1) 594

The difficulty with the Occupy movement as I see it is that it lacks cohesion and direction. I don't think anyone including the protesters know what it is about. It is both national and international which seems to indicate it represents the general discontent of the protesters rather than opposition to specific policy. At least I have not seen specific meaning other than opposition to corporate greed (whatever that is perceived to be). The word "occupy" is suggestive of anti-war sentiment but the gist appears to be ecconimic discontent. I see the movement as just a bunch of people enjoying the mayhem of it all rather than a serious opposition movement.

Comment Re:Inflationary theory (Score 1) 163

I tend to agree. It seems to be an ugly amendment to currently accepted theories. But current models cannot explain the uniform temperature of the universe without it. Einstein's model superseded Newton's because as a model it explained gravity, space, and time and makes better predictions on larger scales. We still rely on Newton for most practical purposes. It might likewise be that something more fundamental may be gleaned from the overthrow of inflation. At some level though I think we may have to accept the fact we may never know. We simply cannot reproduce the heat and pressure needed to make direct observations.

Comment Re:It's all about (Score 1) 390

I was being a little facetious. My point is similar to yours. Generally, when I am unarmed I think it wise to agree with those who are though. Based, on your signature, I take it you are very adamant about gun control and safety issues. I was not suggesting that common sense and PR would not be at issue.

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