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Comment Re:It's gender discrimination ! (Score 4, Insightful) 211

Please explain to me the "male privilege", especially as related to education.

I remember my senior year of high school. Out of the the hundreds of college scholarships that were offered, only 10% of them were applicable to white males. We don't all come from families that owned land and people, mind you.

Comment Re:Patch Tuesday... (Score 2) 164

Weird that you replied to my post with this problem. I have this same (or similar) problem with my Explorer. Did the OD light start blinking or stay on? Mine does this, and turning the truck off and back on fixes it. The bad part is that it only gets worse, and now I'm lucky to get to work without it kicking in. I've had it not want to shift out of second a few times, but usually it just doesn't want to downshift when accelerating, meaning you have to floor it just to get moving from a stop.

It's apparently a sensor issue, and it only gets worse. From what I've researched, it also means a new transmission to fix, at least that's what they'll tell you. I haven't found anyone locally that can fix the sensor.

Comment Patch Tuesday... (Score 4, Funny) 164

"Play this forward a bit. Image taking Patch Tuesday to a logical extreme, where you walk around your house or office to apply patches to many of the offline gadgets you own."

I'm assuming by the time we need to upgrade firmware or software on our refrigerators, toasters, coffee makers, and toilets that they'll all be sentient and just do it themselves.

Comment Re:Calm Down... A LITTLE (Score 4, Informative) 211

How sure of that app are you? Have you been comparing it with what AT&T says you're using? Try dialing *3282# and see what the text message you get says. I'm willing to bet it's a *lot* more than 200mb, especially if you've been uploading images (assuming they aren't tiny).

Furthermore, people were originally angry because this throttling wasn't being applied to people necessarily going over their limits, it was people in the "top 5% of data usage", whatever that means. And there isn't a way for an app to tell you that, hence the outrage.

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