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Comment Re:Duh. (Score 1) 368

Well, the cost of a daily print subscription to the New York Times is 14.80...For a week. Mind you, that's to my house, and I live a long fucking way from NYC (checked it against my old NYC zip code, and it's only 11.70 there).

I am not sure where you live, but in Los Angeles it is $7.40 per week. In suburban NJ it is $5.85 per week. That's 385/300 per year.
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Comment Re:Well, at least the rest don't do this. (Score 1) 605

Simple example: sugar plus sulfuric acid gives you nice hunk of elemental carbon. Did you think making molecules was a one way street and eventually all the pure elements would be used up? Those spendthrift chemists.

By the way, the oxygen we breathe is molecular oxygen, O_2, not O. An oxygen atom on its own is very reactive and likes making molecules.

Comment 747 vs. a truck (Score 1) 627

a laser that is mounted on a truck (which probably costs less than a 747, but who knows) and that can shoot down small aircraft,

The goal for the 747-mounted laser is to shoot down missiles on the way up (when they are over bad guys) versus on the way down (like the Patriot missile). That's why it's on a plane, not a truck.

Comment Re:You're a cynic! :p ;) (Score 2, Insightful) 140

The chemical properties of the elements are almost entirely based on how full the electron shells are, and I think a circular diagram represents that better.

Concentric circles don't show that any better than rows do. What rows do better is clearly indicate that the shells get filled in a certain order (left to right). Looking at the circle table, which has more electrons, Li or Ne? F or Ne? Is that intuitive or better?

Comment Circle table is bad (Score 2, Insightful) 140

the table can be improved by arranging it in circular form. He says this gives a sense of the relative size of atoms--the closer to the centre, the smaller they are--something that is missing from the current form of the table. ... And by placing hydrogen and helium near the centre, Abubakr says this solves the problem of whether to put hydrogen with the halogens or alkali metals and of whther to put helium in the 2nd group or with the inert gases.

The atom size thing is no more present in the circular table than in the normal table. If distance from the center correlates with size, then Li and Ne are the same size according to the circular table. Lithium is about twice as big.

As for the H/He placement, helium is a noble gas, there is no question about that.

The circle table also mucks up the order of filling. Why are neon and lithium next to each other?

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