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Comment The only problems I have had moving over... (Score 1) 697

PBS, and updates to systems are my issues.

The only thing I use my TV nowadays for is watching a few shows on PBS like Mystery, Dr. Who (because no licence on Hulu or Boxee for american viewers), other British mystery shows or comedies, and occasionally local news. Basically both PBS and England have not embraced streaming video to this part of America. Bunch of licence crap.

The only other issue I have is that Boxee came out with an amazing product for a computer (desktop), then have not updated it (at least the linux version) because they have focused on their Boxee Box. Still waiting to see if they are going to drop the desktop, or move back.

Comment Inconcievable that Slashdot would let this happen! (Score 1) 834

I find it inconceivable that the terminator Sarah Connor chronicles show was canceled. You have Summer Glau and Garbage lead singer Shirley Manson both playing terminators, and it gets nicked before they get to start having fight scenes together. How did the slashdot crowd let this happen?

Even more mind blowingly stupid is the fact that fox creates such a great show, and doesn't sell it to say the SciFi channel or something like that. That way it could survive, plus they could recoup some costs.

Comment A simpler tax system with no tax dodges. (Score 2, Informative) 1505

Set up the tax system for business based on two things. Tax how much of their company they have in the U.S. (the portion of their company that is in the U.S. uses our infrastructure and government to its benefit), and tax how much profit they make from the U.S. (you are making money off our people and country so we get to tax that). Do that, and that's the end of any tax loop holes. If they aren't in our country or make money from our country we don't care.

Comment Re:Pelletier effect? (Score 1) 94

Looks very similar. And, like Peltier devices, the same fundamental problem remains - you've moved the heat from one spot to another, but it doesn't just disappear. You're still going to have to get it out of the general vicinity of other temperature-sensitive components, and that probably means fans.

fans... OR Dolphins!

XBox (Games)

Submission + - Microsoft blames their customers for poor sales

coderpath writes: "Are you an Asian gamer? Have you bought your XBox 360 yet? Well Microsoft wants to know Whats Wrong With U?. Targeted at Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea and Singapore (not sure why they excluded Japan) it seems Microsoft is fed up with poor sales in Asian markets and is out to find out why. Is this a clever marketing ploy, or will it backfire?"

Submission + - Will Vista Run Your Games: The Final Word

Sexy Commando writes: extremetech.com has an article on testing the compatibility of games on Windows Vista. They tested varieties of Steam-based games and OpenGL-base games like Doom3, and even some games that involves anti-cheating programs like PunkBuster and the dreaded copy-protection software, StarForce. Most games runs smoothly except some video driver hiccups. Notable quotes: 'Prey worked fine in a window, with the Aero glass effects still going on, Flip3D still worked, etc. So much for all those conspiracy theories about Vista somehow killing off OpenGL.' 'So let's break it down: Has Vista got game? The basic answer is that yes, Vista is a pretty great OS for gamers. Great, but not perfect.'
First Person Shooters (Games)

Submission + - Action Video Games Improve Eyesight

Dotnaught writes: "Gamers who play action video games such as Unreal Tournament or Quake for a few hours a day over the course of a month improved their ability to identify cluttered letters — a common vision test — according to new research from the University of Rochester, by way of InformationWeek. Tetris players, however, saw no such benefit. The research paper posits, "As video-game playing has become a ubiquitous activity in today's society, it is worth considering its potential consequences on perceptual and motor skills.""

Submission + - Steve Jobs' "Thoughts on Music"

mikvo writes: Steve Jobs has weighed in on the subject of online music and DRM. He provides an overview of the current state of affairs in online music distribution and outlines the possible future options. "The first alternative is to continue on the current course [and the] second alternative is for Apple to license its FairPlay DRM technology [and the] third alternative is to abolish DRMs entirely." What do you think — is he right, or is he over-simplifying?
Media (Apple)

Submission + - Open letter from Steve Jobs regarding DRM

An anonymous reader writes: Apple has posted an online open letter from Steve Jobs regarding his thoughts on DRM and where we are headed. In it, Steve sees three choices on where we go from here. Either things continue as they are with each vendor using DRM to protect against music piracy, Apple opens its DRM to all competitors (and attempts to deal with the ensuing headaches resulting from the likely compromise of the DRM that would eventually follow), or the big 4 labels endorse selling music online without copy protection. Jobs also notes that approximately 22 billion songs were sold last year — 2 billion with online DRM, and 20 billion with no DRM on the standard CD format. He goes on to say that Apple would welcome getting rid of all DRM should the record labels allow it. Is this just a PR move by Apple or an indication of where they would like to see online music sales go in the future?

Submission + - Steve Jobs speaks out against DRM on music

ruiner13 writes: "CNN/Money is running an article which quotes Steve Jobs as believing, as many Slashdot users do, that DRM is bad for their business.

Jobs said there appeared to be no benefit to the record companies to continue to sell more than 90 percent of their music without DRM on compact discs while selling the remaining small percentage of their music encumbered with a DRM system. "If such requirements were removed, the music industry might experience an influx of new companies willing to invest in innovative new stores and players. This can only be seen as a positive by the music companies."
The article also goes on to mention that Apple will be renegotiating the contracts with the major labels next month. Especially considering the legal action Apple is facing in Europe to make the iTunes music inter operable with other players, does this signal the end of FairPlay and the RIAA forcing DRM down people's throats?

The full text of Jobs' thoughts on the matter are posted on Apple's website."

Submission + - Microsoft SPURNED Gorbachev's appeal

sceptic-007 writes: "Today's news in Russia — as well as sources in English see a CNews.com article announced that Microsoft spurned appeal for clemency in one of the "anti-piracy" cases against a principal of a poor school pushed by Microsoft in rural Russia.

Disingeniously claiming that they have no part in this "criminal case initiated by .. public prosecutor's office in Russia" — a representative of the company was participating in prosecution and described by witnesses as "a fat bold man" — MS is "sure that the Russian courts will make a fair decision". (Read more.. ) "

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