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Comment Ads Are Garbage (Score 2, Insightful) 5

You have to think about who's going to click on ads anyway, and how revenue is made. If you go to a site with "Free iPod" ads, will you click on the links? No, prolly not. Those of us that not only have firefox installed, but also use AdBlock aren't the one's they're advertizing for. If you don't plan on following through an ad, then it makes no difference if you choose to view it.

Now I know ads are nessisary, but in an ideal world they wouldn't be 90% scam/spam. Seriously no matter how many times you hit to frog with the mallet, or Darth Vader with a blaster, you're not really getting anything free. I do like GoogleAds though, txt based so they don't use up bandwidth, they don't flash, or appear over text I'm trying to read. Flashed based ads and pop-ups also use up computer resorces.

What I'm trying to get at, is that I doubt Adblock will change how things are done. Now if IE7/8/9 came standard with adblocking, that's when you'll see websites revamping the why they do ads.

That's just my .02

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