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Comment Like the Altair 8800 - it's the first of it's kind (Score 1) 274

The MakerBot is like the Altair 8800... It's works, most of the time, but it's complicated and slow, and it's produce is not that useful. and... what am I really supposed to do with it??

The Altair 8800 came out in 1974, but it took another ~10 years for home computers to really take off... I'm sure that in less then 10 years we'll all have some kind of 3D printer at home.

Comment Let me foresee what will happen... (Score 3, Insightful) 277

Let me foresee what will happen... Putin will replace Microsoft programs with ripped off open-source software with minor UI and major back-doors updates;
Then, with great patriotic pride, will pronounce the motherland's major step towards cleansing itself from western spying and corruption.

Comment Re:Go Kim (Score 2) 76

I'm not supporting his long-dead file-sharing business, although that's just a symptom of a deprecated business model that should die (U.S music industry in its current form).
I am supporting the fight against corporate tailor-made-laws overreaching across international borders where they should have no mandate, and blowing a minor case beyond all proportions.

Comment One of the most annoying features in a great tool (Score 1) 349

Excel's auto-formatting causes me no-end of grief.
I receive technical sheets of tools from clients, and if you don't know how to process them, Excel will trim leading zeros from manufacturer part numbers and abbreviate long numbers to scientific notation and will convert sizes marked in fractions into dates . . . and in general turn data into meaningless mess.
And before you jump and yell at me that Excel isn't the right tool for data management - I know . . . There's no avoiding it, everyone out there uses excel.

I know all the moves and switches and tricks to avoid that, but for the life of me, I don't understand why isn't there a simple switch in the settings that will disable all that auto-formatting crap once and for all.

Comment Perfectly understandable (Score 1) 519

Driving is all about having absolute control over your vehicle. From the minute we get behind the wheel, we're taught that a moment's loss of control is fatal (with good reason).
For an experienced driver, surrendering that control is nightmare-inducing... For myself, the first time I used cruise control was unsettling - it felt like the car was getting out of hand - it took a while getting used to.
Surrendering control of the brake will be harder.. let alone the wheel itself.

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