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Comment Re:Great for China! (Score 3, Interesting) 600

In trade, China needs the U.S. more than vice-versa.

Exactly, and China knows this. That is why China has been aggressively seeking alternative markets worldwide. Everywhere from Central and South America to Africa, not to mention the rest of Asia. China is also busy trying to build up their own internal consumption and pushed RMB to be a part of SDR.

China knows its military expansion is only made possible by its economic success, and we know this too. Unlike other Asian and European countries where we use trade as a tool to either entice democratic reforms or crush authoritarian regime's ability to finance its military, we've met our match with China.

I am not a fan of TPP but I view TPP as our attempt to rebalance world trade in the Asia away from its current sinocentric hegemony. If we want to take away TPP, what are we replacing it with?

Globalism is not the problem. Plenty of high wage countries still have robust manufacturing sectors and take care of its working class. Unfortunately for us, the chants of "U-S-A" drowns out any discussion and we look inwards to rehash our past failed policies instead of looking outwards to study how others thrives in a globalized market.

Comment Re:This is a good thing (Score 1) 395

I had a similar conversation with my friends. My belief is that the ruling class of America decided it's cheaper to pay people off with welfare than to give people jobs. Given the chance, I think most people will prefer meaningful work.

The very few getting comfortable on the bottom rungs of our social safety net are just there to obscure the masses of working poor who are below the safety net, do distract us from the real issues of why people can't find jobs.

Sure, there are plenty of minimum wage jobs available, but finding those jobs can be a challenge. Moving to a new place for a minimum wage job is also equally challenging.

Comment Re:Looking in the mirror are you? (Score 3, Informative) 395

Yes, we can clearly see where Trump's conflict of interest are, and thanks to his blind supporters, he doesn't care either. Trump's questionable business ethics is legendary.

I don't have problems with technocrats, some are career politicians. As long if they are honest and competent, why not. However, Trump is neither honest nor competent. Trump is just a self promoter who is good at selling his brand. Over the years, his year of hustling for a quick buck has gradually diminished his technical skills. Let's not forget, Trump is one of the loudest birthers. Trumps lives in his own grandiose narcissistic TV reality world. Too bad for us, he just pulled off his biggest con. His world is now our reality. Fuck!!!

Comment Re:Sad (Score 1) 182

Some of this experiments were non-trivial, and he definitely was smart enough to go beyond what the nuclear regulatory agency thought was possible for an average citizen.

We can criticize the potential of harm to others by his experiments, but who are we do judge the wisdom of his actions for him.

Yeah, too bad his energies was misdirected and unguided.

Comment Re:Oh dear (Score 2) 742

Yup, we're in for a rude awakening if we do engage in a trade war with China. But, better to wake up now than later.... I dislike Trump, didn't vote for him, and the thought of his pending presidency is nauseating, but might as well let Trump be Trump. A trade war with China will leave Trump with little free time to tinker with the domestic issues. We may end up getting some of our manufacturing jobs back, or at lease shift them toward more US friendly countries.

I bet Putin will support a trade war with China. A chance to take down both US and China.

So, let's push for a trade war with China to save our nation from both Trump and China. I am for it :)

Comment Re:Always a cheaper fish... (Score 1) 85

Well, it's kind of too late for Microsoft. The locals has already learned and adapted. Cost will be lower in Vietnam but will cost for Microsoft in Vietnam be lower than the cost for Xiaomi in China? China is Xiaomi's domestic market and unlike our government, the Chinese government actual cares about keeping its citizens employed and earning a living. Sure, it's not a great living for most, but it is improving.

It's sad to see communist authoritarians beating the capitalist democrats in the world economy.

Comment our country is a reflection of us (Score 2) 247

We live in a delusional bubble and sooner or later that bubble will burst. We were very good but to stay the best takes effort and money. Both of which we traded for political demigods and cheap trinket and oil from authoritarian regimes around the world to live our obese Wal-Mart fueled lives.

We want to be the best, but where will the brain and money that are needed for such endeavor come from? Certainly not from the flag lapel wearing politicians that caters to the money worshiping financial and legal sectors while neglecting the egalitarian nature of a strong domestic manufacturing base.

So, no being first in the world doesnt' matter to us anymore, as long if we think we're number one that's what counts.

Comment Re:May Day???? (Score 1) 247

That's very adolescent of of you to dismiss someone else's idea as adolescent rant while offering nothing of substance except support for status quo. Our system is broken. In addition to our military industrial complex, we also have a prison industrial complex, public sector union mafia, and the new kid on the block, private school public student loan pyramid scheme.

I heard Lawrence Lessig's keynote at SCALE 12X and he sounded like a pragmatic guy. During the typical after talk Q&A session when idealogical can lean a bit to the extremes, politely he kept to his believes and reminded everyone that our system is corrupt, not necessarily the politicians and that we've came a long way since the days where congressmen have safes in their capital office for the random bags of money that just appears.

I am fairly cynical of our entire political process, however I have donated to the Mayday's first round of funding and now I am contemplating selling some of my treasured 2A relics to help fund the second round. As much as I cling to my 2A relics, it's an illusion of power that keep us fat and lazy, sitting comfortably in our homes looking for that next purchase. At least Lessig is doing something to reform our corrupt and inept political system, that far more than anything accomplished with 2A relics in modern time.

I don't know if he will be successful or not, but at least he has a history of advancing our civl liberty causes and MAYDAY, despite the long odds, is one of the better ideas available today.

Comment Re:elections are bought (Score 1) 465

Guns make you fat and lazy. Just look at the NRA. Decades of advocating the protection of 2A as a mean to protect our collective freedom, yet we have two administration worth of torture, rendition, mass surveillance, and drone strikes, while the NRA grew old and fat. Still yelling the same old crap while our guns rust away in the safe.

Anyway, I donated my half case worth the 62gr .223. If this works, I'm selling my AR/HK/Sigs. If it takes money to buy our freedom back, rather than with guns, so be it!

I hear Lessig's keynote during SCALE 12X. More importantly, I heard his answer during the pubic Q&A. He seems like a pragmatic, hard working guys who lives in the real world.

Comment convergence of wealth, lawyers, and arrogance (Score 2) 440

Dumping $2.6 million worth of editable food when there are people starving is shocking to most of us. Yet, this is a reflection of our current law suit happy society.

Most of us has very little to loose and most food banks has very little to loose so our local food bank gladly take in our donated food items and we happily go on with our lives do what we can for people who are starving, one canned food at a time. Also, I've volunteered at the local food banks and base on what I've seen, Costco peanut butter is probably an upgrade to the various expired high fructose laden supermarket rejects.

Life is very different for our newly anointed fellow big corporate beings. In their billion dollar world, with their million dollar lawyers, somewhere, somehow, the meaning of starving people became irrelevant. After all, corporations do not understand the physical pain of starvation.

Comment Re:Question U.S. censorship? (Score 2) 38

Yes, US is guilty of everything you listed. We can talk about all the past and present failed US policies. We can openly criticize the policies. For those of us who live in the US, we can even openly organize to remove the politicians in questions. That is the difference between democratic nations and authoritarian countries.

Like the old saying, "The price of liberty is eternal vigilance." US has certainly slipped but it is still far ahead of China is terms of basic civil rights for all.

Comment Re:Everyone creates arbitrary lines (Score 5, Interesting) 628

Um, Veganism is about minimizing cruelty and suffering. Vegetarianism is just a form of diet. I know plenty of vegetarian with leather handbags and leather upholstered car interiors.

I do eat meat but I am a bit uncomfortable with the whole classifying living things into how complex they are according to human definitions. It goes without saying, life is essential to every living being regardless of their CNS complexity. Just because something doesn't feel what humans perceive to "pain" does not mean that they do not feel "pain." Everyday we learn something new about our environment and our fellow Earth cohabitants. The old thinking that crustaceans do not feel pain is being dispelled by new research data.

Comment cargo pants (Score 1) 296

I usually store my nexus 7 into the thigh pockets of my cargo pants. It's fairly secure, especially in pockets large enough to button up. Fairly inexpensive and unobtrusive. The weight of the nexus 7 is held very close to the body so I really don't feel the extra mass, unlike putting it in a oversize jacket pocket.

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