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Comment Re:waste (Score 1) 115

We had a Cheeto Bandito in our office that ate Cheetos all day long while working. I used to hate having to go to their cube to work on their PC, the homerow keys were all caked with the orange powder/flavoring. Skeeved me out everytime because there was an orange halo on the carpet around the chair and the cube was just really gross and always smelled like rotting food.

Comment Re:How is that possible? (Score 4, Funny) 803

2. The Occupy protests were jumping the shark and losing popular support as crime ramped up and local business suffered. How could crime have "ramped up" when there were so many cops standing around watching them? -------------------- Well there has been a surge in people getting beaten up pretty badly in the area with batons and attacks on people with the use of tasers and tear gas have gone up dramatically in the area. I'm guessing that's all the crime they speak of...

Comment Re:If your doctor or dentist actually needs this.. (Score 1) 581

If anyone uses sites like Yelp much you quickly realize how to sift through the idiot reviews. The ones where the person gives 1 star to a dentist and then complains about going back to work the next day after having their wisdom teeth removed and getting dry sockets while carrying 100lb bundles of shingles to a roof on a construction project. I've seen reviews where people rail against a coffee shop talking about their horrible service and disgusting coffee, but the whole complaint centers around another customer either being rude or unthoughtful like talking loudly on their cell phone or using a six top table by themselves in a packed coffee shop and not letting anyone have a seat. There are plenty of people who have no idea how to review a place without getting all emotional about it. Still, it seems like a web savvy shop would be able to address the few bad reviews they get, of course if all they get is bad reviews then maybe there is a bigger problem then Yelp they should focus on.

Comment Re:I think it's needed (Score 1) 1002

What I wouldn't give to be working in a shop that uses Linux. I'm stuck in an office where they only use MS Windows products, and you're not allowed to install anything onto the machines that isn't on a list of "accepted programs". Want to add a desktop/workspace manager for multiple workspaces first you have to write up a "proposal" explaining why it's needed and submit it the desktop software vetting group. Problem is most of the people are just upper or middle managers that don't really know much about computers and software so pretty much everything gets vetoed especially free/opensource solutions. Oh and to get that "NO" response expect it to take 6 to 9 months for them. Really need to find a new job before this one collapses inward on itself. Shouldn't be working for a company that has no agility when it comes to changing markets and has people with little to no understanding of software making the software purchasing choices. It's a recipe for disaster, hopefully I can jump ship before that day comes.

Comment Re:I think it's needed (Score 1) 1002

Hah! That's pretty much what i was going to say. I have two 4:3 screens at work one is 1600x1200 that I do most my work on and the other 1280x1024 that I keep documentation and guides on and a couple smaller windows that monitor network and server status, also the 2nd screen is what I use when I'm using RDP or LANDesk windows maximized. At home I have two 16:10 22" widescreens that are 1680x1050, I keep my main monitor nearly centered in front of me, the second monitor is rotated 90 degrees and usually has the guide/documentation I need for the project. Yes, I can work on one screen but it really isn't as efficient when my documentation is in PDF or some digital format. Alt tabbing doesn't work that well since I'm usually juggling multiple programs so I usually cascade my windows so i can see the corners of all of them and lose 10% in screen realestate to have them all tiled and accessible. I have a decent dual core netbook (ASUS 1205PN) that I use when travelling it works well enough, but not nearly as "work productive" as sitting at my desktop with the two windows. ...also on my home machines with the widescreens running Windows 7 I put my task bar on the left side of my screen vertically. I too want every bit of screen height i can get, and with widescreen monitors I'm usually more concerned with vertical height as I almost always have plenty of "width" on my widescreen.

Comment Re:At least initially... (Score 2) 172

My ISP in Alaska just went from quasi unlimited (until they tell you it's limited) to officially capped. The top tier that costs nearly $200 month gives you 120GB of transfer @ 22MB/4MB. Before the cap on average I used about 70GB a month with my plan, my same plan with the caps imposed was 20GB a month. When I called my ISP 'GCI' the person on the phone outright told me the only way anyone uses that much bandwidth is if they are a thief using torrents. When i asked about watching HD movies streaming, and downloading games on steam, and system updates, and video skyping with my sister over seas they threatened to cancel my account. I'm now paying nearly $200 a month for CAPPED INTERNET. My other choices which I have tried is ATT WIMAX which would drop it's connection about once an hour and I couldn't get over a half MegaBit on downloads and my upload was under 100kilobits. So I tried ACS DSL which is about $70 a month for unlimited use @ 3MB/512KB. Their latency was actually worse than the WIMAX when it was working. Doing trace routes the speed on the hops inside of Alaska were great at under 30ms, then it hit their main facility that links via fiber to the lower 48 and the pings went up over 1000ms so streaming constantly stuttered and skype was almost unusable since we were cutting each other off because of the 1 to 1.5 seconds lag in the conversation. So now I pay almost $250 a month for premium cable TV, a phone line and 120GB capped internet access. I rarely watch Cable TV (use HULU or NETFLIX for the few shows I want to watch) but GCI requires you have 'premium' cable if you want to increase your internet speed and cap amount. The phone (digital, comes with a analog to Digital conversion box so it also goes over the digital cable line) is a joke that I've never plugged in since I have a cell. So really i'm paying almost $250 a month for internet access with a 120GB cap, the rest of their 'convenience' bundle is a joke that I never use. Just another way to prop up their old tired way of doing things at GCI. Check out http://assets.gci.com/2011/01/packages_anchorage111_01.gif if you want to have a laugh.....

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