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Comment Re:The Police State (Score 1) 506

Without contradicting anything you've said, the fact of speed limits seems to be that they are the government mandated "flow of traffic" speed minus 10mph or more. Average speed of the fast lane routinely exceeds the limit in fair weather, and people don't seem to slow down much below the limit in the rain. In a way this makes sense because relative speed between vehicles is a big factor in safety, ie it's safer for everybody to go 70 than for some people to go 60 whilst others are going 25.

Comment Re:Anti-Rich People Rhetoric (Score 1) 2115

Agree about the Yuan, but then what can we do?

But I don't see how this is specific to the US. Commodities like food and oil have been increasing in price relative to other currencies, too. Chinese, particularly in the east, have a considerably better standard of living than their ancestors, so they're getting richer.

Are you saying they would be better off without foreign trade at all or just the US?

Comment Re:Marketing (Score 2) 433

I'm guessing that the majority of the apps sold, as opposed to installed, are games and that those games are worth the most money.

Mobile gamers seem to prefer iPhone to Android. They're probably right. There are probably more/better games. But is it a better platform than most Android phones? I think we may see a shift. Historically gamers have not preferred Apple.

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