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Comment Could be nice for the target audience (Score 3, Interesting) 92

Though I am not really one to be sitting on the couch texting/talking on the phone, I can see that the targeted audience would actually quite enjoy this. Personally, my coffee table is pretty pack as it is, and having one less remote/controller there could indeed be a boon. One feature I think would be nice, and maybe it is not too far off in the future, would be to have your send button on your cell phone tieable to the pause button on the remote. This way, if someone calls, you could just answer the phone, and your movie would pause.

Comment Doing well with what they have! (Score 1) 96

I've been a short time Mandriva user, and most of the problems I've noticed with the distribution have had to do with KDE issues. The distro itself seems stable, easy to use (complex when you need it), and easy on the eyes. Not only that, but the upgrade to 2009 Spring was just a matter of replacing a few repos and letting urpmi do its thing. I'm running Spring now about 1.5 hours after I started the switch, and everything is working great, even KDE 4.2. I'd say the distro is doing quite well, given what they have to work with

Comment Re:1/2 Acre of Trees = 1 Car's Pollution (Score 1) 355

Unfortunately, there is nowhere near enough space to plant that many trees. Unless of course you'd like to stop a ton of farming in the central U.S....or I guess you could just force it on some third world country and then sit back and enjoy the satisfaction that comes from not personally causing global warming.

Comment Stop-gap (Score 1) 146

I'd say offhand that this is a relatively impressive stop-gap for those on the transplant list. Thirty extra days could easily save lives, especially of those in advanced liver failure. Should be interesting to see if they can extend the duration. Though, it may be too little to late for some, as TFA states that there is almost a 5:1 ratio of deaths to transplants. Maybe it just doesn't matter if they survive a month more, there might just not be a transplant waiting even then.

Comment Re:It all blows (Score 2, Insightful) 230

I have to agree with this perspective. I think that with all of the ways for a band to "get heard" nowadays, it is easier for them to make it on an indy label or by themselves. Not only to the get a larger share if we buy music directly from them, we also circumvent throwing our money at the RIAA, and further supporting their predatory practices.

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