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Comment Re:Use to be a big fan of Mircrosoft Windows... (Score 1) 124

Your points are all valid... you might call me a slow learner.. I just like to think I have thick skin.

I suggest you try a little harder next time to choose words that won't be considered insulting rather then have to try and explain why your comments are not insulting at the end of your comment. Seems more like you just want to tell people how great you are and how stupid everyone else is... but I could be wrong.

Comment Use to be a big fan of Mircrosoft Windows... (Score 1) 124

Windows use to let you change almost anything you wanted, customize most things.. didn't force you to use anything... now.. it seems like Microsoft is run by old Soviet dictators. So I still have my windows 7 machine, which I'll use until I can't find software that will run on it any more. I've also started using Ubuntu & Mint daily, to see which one I like more. So far it's a tie. But I will not go to Windows 10. They have lost a long time customer in me.

Comment Re:dongle (Score 1) 635

No it doesn't... the dongle isn't just checked.. it contains a function or functions that are integral to the program.. The program will not function without the dongle. If you remove the check you remove the critical functions. The only real way around that is to write a program that emulates the Dongle in all aspects. It works well..but you're stuck with supporting users who've had dongles go bad, get lost/stolen, or won't work with their system for some reason.

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