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Comment Re:dongle (Score 1) 635

No it doesn't... the dongle isn't just checked.. it contains a function or functions that are integral to the program.. The program will not function without the dongle. If you remove the check you remove the critical functions. The only real way around that is to write a program that emulates the Dongle in all aspects. It works well..but you're stuck with supporting users who've had dongles go bad, get lost/stolen, or won't work with their system for some reason.

Comment Re:Nickle and dimed to death (Score 1) 488

So $17.99 a month (with BlueRay) is $216 a year... They don't have enough new movies available that I want to watch ever month to make it work $18 a month. For $9 a month I can get HBO/Showtime from my cable company

Wait did you just argue that HBO/Showtime (@ $108 per year for those keeping score) is "good value" while netflix is "bad value" @ $216 (with unlimited streaming and bluray/dvd service).

I've had HBO, and its not half as good as good as netflix. So even at half the price its still not better value.

If Netflix was using that increase to payoff the ISPs to get their traffic excluded from the caps it might be worth it.

I see you are not a fan of net neutrality.

or rent a On Demand movie (when I can find one I want to watch for $6.00).

So if you watch 3 movies on-demand a month, you break even with netflix. On-demand only is good value if you barely watch movies at all.

1) Yes.. I am saying FOR ME.. HBO/SHOWTIME is a better value based on MY USAGE.. I'm sure it is true for some other people, but certainly not everyone.

2) I am a HUGE fan of net neutrality.. Net Neutrality doesn't have anything to do with Service Caps on your service. It is about blocking or rate limiting traffic based on source, type, etc. A ISP has every right to cap a customer, so long as it's agreed to in the TOS... as much as I don't like that... if Net Neutrality ever passed it would prevent ISP's from blocking or intentionally degrading say only netflix or Amazon Video Services.

      Right now I have a service cap at home.. which I routinely brush up against.. if Netflix was paying my ISP to allow their traffic to be sent to their customers without being counted against the cap it would definitly be worth it (TO ME) to pay $18/month just not to have to worry about it.

3) you are absolutely correct about OnDemand. I would become much more choosy about the movies I watched... which might not be a bad thing for me.

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