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Comment Re:Fringe Area (Score 1) 198

Not true. It may be true for you, but not for me. I live in the 11th largest city in the country, and the number of stations I could pick up after the digital switch doubled. Half are Spanish language, which you're just as likely to hear spoken in my household as English, but it was that way before the digital switch as well.

Your mileage may very, but cable is no longer a necessity. Cut it.

Comment Re:Almost cut the cord (Score 1) 198

If it wasn't for my wife wanting to watch The Bachelor the second it comes on I would have cut the cable a long time ago.

Cut! Cut now!

The Bachelor is on ABC, which you can get over the air. Unless you have one of the very early HDTVs, you've got a digital tuner in your set. You can rig-up a wire clothes hanger into the coax input and pick up free broadcast over the air HDTV, which will be your local stations. That includes ABC, so your wife can watch that crap show as soon as it comes on.

Cut! Cut now!

We haven't had cable in almost a decade now. The only channel my wife even misses is Investigation Discovery, and there's a local channel that broadcasts over the air that has similar content.

Cut! Cut now!

Comment Re:Bears can be bipedal (Score 1) 173

Bears can be quite bipedal, but this 'thing' grabbed a branch and swung on it.

If all it did was meander across the screen on two legs, then I'd say it could possibly be a bear. However, as you pointed out, the movements it makes rules a bear out.

It didn't make any movement that would rule out a human walking around in the forest. So, I'd say your bitcoins are quite safe.

Comment Re:Not Surprising (Score 1) 249

It wasn't that. There was no default video player set, and it was bringing up a list of video players to choose from, with the just once/always option. The issue was that despite other players being installed, only ES's player was shown in the list.

After uninstalling ES, the list returned to the full list of players.

That tells me that ES was the culprit.

Comment Re:Not Surprising (Score 1) 249

I cleared default apps, and it brought up a list of video players to choose from when selecting a video to play from other apps. Despite MX player and VLC both being installed, it only showed ES's player. Until I uninstalled ES File Explorer. And guess what? The other players magically showed up.

Comment Re:Not Surprising (Score 1) 249

I uninstalled ES last week, and it had nothing to do with ads. It was blocking another app, a dlna client, from being able to select a video player other than ES's built in player. ES File Explorer has morphed into very a invasive app that just happens to have a file manager in it. It's now border line malware.

Comment Re:First thought... (Score 5, Funny) 134

Remind me why competition among public utilities is bad again?

Because big telecom will need to cut prices to be competitive. And you know what happens then? All the C-level executives will have to cut back and get just the large Jacuzzi instead of the extra large Jacuzzi! That's one less hooker you can fit in there, you know. We can't have that, now can we?

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