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Comment Re:Not really (Score 1) 453

Who cares if the first 10 groups die off? Mankind should expand to multiple planets. Systems, Galaxies and Clusters, too. But planets is a good start. We'll need to bring a fabrication chain online to have any chance of survival on other planets. Flying out spare parts from Earth isn't a reasonable option.

What else do we have to do? People will sit around on Earth squabbling over it's control and resources whether or not we send out colonies to squabble over control and resources on other planets as well.

Comment Re:Why the hate? (Score 1) 83

Doom and Doom II never tried to "scare the user". They tried to "be awesome". Evil, broken, melting, fireball belching, rocket spewing, half-machine half-demon hybrids, crushing ceilings, innumerable vats of toxic waste, erratic lights, and tons of bad guys. Everywhere. And when all of them were finally vanquished, and you got to finally climb the steps and pick up your key, the walls dropped, and there was a whole other wave ready with fireballs flying. Cue Beethoven's E1M1.mid

Comment Re:PETA: hated by 100% of house dogs (Score 1) 733

I assure you people killed any puppies that were malformed, disobedient or dangerous to their owners. _We_ were the environment the animals had to adapt to. That said, I do not think this was wrong of us, nor do I think we need to forgo our animal husbanding ways. Except Mr Perens of course. Your dog is not a love slave, Mr Perens.

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