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Comment Trying to build up an endowment (Score 5, Informative) 181

Per their financial statements, they're trying to build up an endowment (like a university and many other large non-profits) so they can support themselves off investment income, and not need to rely as much on direct donations. Those incremental donations after the fundraising goal is reached are even more valuable since they can go directly towards growing the endowment.

During the year ended June 30, 2016, the Foundation entered into an agreement with the Tides Foundation to establish the Wikimedia Endowment as a Collective Action Fund to act as a permanent safekeeping fund to generate income to ensure a base level of support for the Wikimedia projects in perpetuity. The Endowment is independent from the Foundation. On June 29, 2016, the Foundation provided an irrevocable grant in the amount of $5 million to the Tides Foundation for the purpose of the Wikimedia Endowment. The amount is recorded in awards and grants expense.


Comment Re:Will you be voting Hilary? (Score 1) 733

Your definition is not the political definition. There is no real conservative candidate running in this election- "Conservatives" are either voting Johnson, McMullin, or most realistically, staring sadly at the ballot wondering what went wrong. Whatever the result, we should expect to see a major shake up of the traditional "right" parties following this clown show of an election. The Republican party is no more conservative than the Democrats.

Comment Silly complaints (Score 1) 87

Why would Spotify feature artists they're not making as much money on? Anyone who's surprised by this is probably the same sort of person who asks their waiter for a food recommendation at a restaurant (hint: it's whichever entree gets him the bigger tip). If you think any company's curated list of [product] is more than an excuse to push the products they make the most money off of, I've got a bridge to sell you.

The claims that Spotify is intentionally manipulating their search results is just dumb.

Comment Re:Sterilized long ago (Score 1) 218

So what you're saying is that there should be bands of temperate zones sandwiched between these two extremes, which might be an excellent place to focus the search for life? Possibly with very interesting life indeed, due to the adaptations needed to cope with the extreme radiation, along with the increased likelihood of genetic mutation from the same. This guy is optimistic

Comment Re:Hahahahaha FANTASTIC (Score 1) 664

Skyrim is 5 years old. Civ 4 is 11 (!) years old (and Civ 5 has native Linux support). Not all, but MOST of the top titles from the past couple years have native Linux support. Many of those that don't can be run just fine using WINE or even a VM, especially older games. Anything built in Unity will have native support for Windows, Mac, and Linux without much extra effort by the developer, and as such Linux support is now the norm for most indie games as well.

Here are some highlights with full native Linux support (SteamDB is helpful for this):
* The Witcher 3 / Wild Hunt
* Don't Starve
* Terraria
* Kerbal Space Program
* Almost everything by Valve (Portal, Half Life 2, CS:GO)
* Factorio
* Torchlight
* Xcom
* L4D2
* Borderlands 2
* Stellaris

As a gamer who just switched his main gaming rig from Windows to Ubuntu (in part because of this Windows 10 nonsense), while there are still some headaches, it's a better time than ever to make the switch. We're really reaching a tipping point.

Comment Re:Why the government? (Score 1) 198

Because I can easily opt out of not giving my data to Facebook or Google. If I feel that Microsoft has abused my privacy, I can switch to Apple, or to Linux. If Amazon sells my personal information, I can buy from Barnes and Noble or my local bookstore. It's (usually) an entirely voluntary relationship.

My relationship with the federal government is not voluntary. When Congress passes a law I don't agree with, I can't take my business elsewhere without moving to a different country. I'm stuck with it. It's all well and good to believe that government is supposed to be representing the interests of the people, but they cannot be everything to everyone. Some percentage of people will necessarily be unhappy with the outcome, often a large percentage.

That's why people like me are in favor of limiting its influence. That's obviously not always possible, which is why we also prefer those decisions that large percentages of people won't agree with to go to state and local governments. If my town bans gay marriage and I'm in favor of it, I can move to the next town over without disrupting my life too much. If my state's education department is awful, I can move somewhere with a better one. When you concentrate all that power in the federal government, we lose choice and freedom.

Comment You're not thinking like Mom (Score 5, Insightful) 163

As a nerd, but also as someone in the mobile games business, I'd say there's definitely potential here. All they need is a big sticker saying "No accidental app purchases!"

Mobile games on an iPad run the risk of Junior buying $500 worth of virtual currency. The same moms who aren't tech-savvy enough to disable that feature are the same ones who'd more than happily spend $150 on a kid-proof Tabeo. There's also a dollar value on the fact that Mom doesn't need to spend any time or energy ensuring Junior doesn't download anything objectionable.

Those are just two examples- there are plenty of others.

Comment Re:Content control by the previous owners? (Score 2) 209

So, if I read this correctly, NBC is its own owner again, and therefore also in charge of its own contents. Independence is important for a news provider.

Hope the OP was aiming for a "funny" mod.

NBC, MSNBC, and CNBC are all owned by NBCUniversal (as in Universal Studios; the two merged in 2004), which is in turn owned by GE and Comcast.

CNN is owned by Turner, which is in turn owned by Time Warner.

ABC is owned by Disney

Fox is owned by Fox Entertainment Group, owned by News Corp

Independence doesn't exist in modern media- at least not in the television space.


Submission + - 'Sexting' a Universal Human Urge Says Neuroscientist

Hugh Pickens writes writes: "Over the past two years, photographs of bare-naked celebrity anatomy have been leaked to the public eye including Scarlett Johansson, Vanessa Hudgens, Jessica Alba, Christina Aguilera, Miley Cyrus, Charlize Theron, Rihanna, and dozens more prompting folks to wonder, ‘Why are so many famous people exhibitionists?’ According to computational neuroscientist Ogi Ogas, the answer lies in the design of our sexual brains. “Being desired is very arousing to women,” says clinical psychologist Marta Meana, president of the Society for Sex Therapy and Research. “An increasing body of data is indicating that the way women feel about themselves may be very important to their experience of sexual desire and subjective arousal, possibly even outweighing the impact of their partners’ view of them.” The desire to be desired drives young women’s willingness to enter wet T-shirt contests and multi-millionaire Joe Francis built his Girls Gone Wild empire by taping college girls stripping down for his no-budget camera crew. And where male exhibitionism is considered a psychiatric disorder and sometimes a crime, female exhibitionism is rarely considered a social problem. The female exhibitionist urge is universal with well-trafficked websites in Brazil, Japan, Ghana, and the USA offering galleries of tens of thousands of racy amateur self-portraits surreptitiously downloaded from women’s private MySpace or Facebook accounts or maliciously provided by ex-boyfriends. “Look I’m human, & just like every girl in this world, I admire my body," wrote singer Teyana Taylor after her graphic self-portraits were leaked, "so i take pics just like EVERY other human being.”"

Submission + - HTML5 Security Isn't (hp.com)

Esther Schindler writes: "Because HTML5 is largely used to build applications, security concerns are paramount. Consider banking, for example, where extremely private information must be kept as such. But the use of HTML5 features without a significant amount of thought behind them can leave customer data exposed. Molly Holzschlag discusses the types of HTML5 features which cause significant concerns in HTML5 security and provides a basic guide to identify which areas of a site or portions of an application can benefit from these features, and those that can cause risk."

Submission + - Windows 8 boots too fast: this is a bad thing? (tech-stew.com)

techfun89 writes: "Microsoft claims that Windows 8 can boot in as few as seven seconds. Microsoft says this isn't necessarily a good thing, especially if you need to interrupt the boot. Apparently things boot so quickly there isn't even enough time to detect keystrokes such as F2 or F8 according to Microsoft's Chris Clark. Clark states that Microsoft will not cut the fast boot time to preserve keystrokes but has come up with some other ways to provide the same functionality.

Windows 8 now has a boot options menu that contains all of the troubleshooting tools, developer-focused options for Windows startup, methods for accessing the firmware's BIOS setup and a method for booting to other devices. This boot options menu lives in a realm that is called WinRE (Windows Recovery Environment).

There are also command line options for accessing the boot menu through shutdown.exe and an "Advanced Startup" option in general settings."

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