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Comment Re: And the hits keep on coming ... (Score 1) 1066

So in the USA there are no jobs that wont cause global warming and/or pollute the environment, what year do you have over there, 1930? Good that I'm not living there, especially now that a clueless Reality-TV-jerk was voted for president. I don't care too much about the US going down (While feeling sorry for anyone who hasn't voted for Trump :/) but could you please stop fucking up the whole planet on the way to self-destruction?
Well, Trump first!... or however his slogan is...

P.S.: California, New York and others living in the current century: Just get rid of that useless ballast and get independent...

Comment Re:and the beer is really good (Score 1) 528

Becks is a very bad example when talking about good german beer, at least I know noone drinking that one because of it's taste, seems more like one for the reason described in the xkcd comic ;)
Looking at larger ones try Augustiner (and their Edelstoff) and Hacker for example. In case you like Weizen give Erdinger a try, expecially their dark one :)
And if you happen to be around Cologne trying out a Kölsch won't hurt either ;)
But there are also some pretty good foreign beers. Guiness of course, but I've just been to sardinia/italy and their Ichnusa ain't bad either (Nothing compared to the great wine there of course :D). Would really like to try some of the microbreweries in the united states but didn't have the chance yet.

But yeah - for the sake of the reputation of the german breweries - please just forget cheap mass-produced crap like Becks /o\

Comment Re:good riddance (Score 1) 304

Well... I never bought any (Adobe-)DRM protected eBooks because I expected that this would happen some day. But: This was just a few years ago, didn't expect that bullshit-system to fail that soon, what the hell? I would be really really pissed if I would have bought some Adobe-DRM protected eBooks... Oo
Let's hope people will learn that they never "own" anything DRM protected and may be ****ed by Adobe or whoever provides the DRM the next day...

Comment Re:Which shows that people don't understand (Score 2) 846

In germany the winter still hasn't started... it's a bit colder of course but no snow at all unless you're at at least 1000 m height and up there it's still not a lot and especially no fresh snow. I'm really thinking about going to the river and heating up the grill again, but it was a bit to foggy this weekend to do it ;)
Well... hope it will change until this weekend, at least the forecast is optimistic :)

So... climate change happening? Yeah... looking at this totally wierd and extreme (hot or warm, depending on the region) winter I would say so...? Oo

Comment Re:Meanwhile in russia (Score 1) 216

Would be new to me that russia is good in any way, especially when it comes to protecting the environment? And where did the article say anything about the US or russia anyway?
Unfortunately those SUVs are around pretty much everywhere, not just in the US... if you know a nice country where noone got those ego-problems requiring them to buy such penis-enlargements let me know, that would be something to be jealous about :)

Comment Re:Wow, what gadgets are you folks running?? (Score 1) 327

Wondered a bit about those answers I could pick from too... at least for my "first world" home (in Munich/Germany) those answers would only make sense for a yearly power consumption (Somewhere around 700 kWh for me, average is 1200 kWh/Person if I remember correctly).
I really have no idea how you can use more than 1000 kWh/month unless you have dozens of people in your household... but otherwise... driving electric, letting the computer run 24/7 (And doing bitcoin mining :P) while air conditioning and electric heater are running on full power and the refrigerator door is open? Oo
But there are indeed some people managing it according to the results, so how do those do this? I'm quite interested in the answer since this is nearly 20 times more than I use and it's not like I'm saving energy on every occasion. Really big family maybe (I'm living alone in my rather small apartment), but this would still not require that much? Electric heating and air conditioning may be a reason of course, using neither of those myself but do they really need that much? There are even answers of 8000 kWh... but I guess those are jokes?...
Wouldn't call this a first world problem. To manage those numbers you would rather have to use really really outdated, energy-wasting crap, which shouldn't be the case for any "first world consumer". Would even say that the average power consumption in modern societies should decrease further and further since even though we may use more devices those are built more and more power efficient?

Comment Re:But its still difficult (Score 1) 246

At least the Fritz!Boxes of the last years all support IPv6 (They're what you get from pretty much every ISP in germany except for the really crappy providers). Not sure when they've added support, the one I got about two years ago had it. My ISP (m-net) also provides native IPv6 for all customers, but it's one of the few that do so (Also not sure how long, the 2 years I have my router for at least). Especially the large ISPs are really lazy when it comes to IPv6 support, guess it may take a few more years for them to even start thinking about it...

Comment Re: Energy a bit more important than Beer (Score 1) 325

You're right, seems I mixed up where the answer belonged to. So sorry, my mistake.

Luckily for the environment lignite production is going down since the DDR ended. Been around Leipzig on vacation sometime, where it was raised in large amounts. They made lakes out of the left holes by renaturation of those areas, but where they didn't do it yet you can easily see that pretty much everything that was once there has been destroyed. The lack of vegetation looks a bit like the grand canyon, just a really ugly variant of it...

Comment Re:Energy a bit more important than Beer (Score 1) 325

Hmmm, living in germany. The dept even went down the last year and unemployment rate is pretty much nonexistant at the moment and most companies have shown very good numbers recently so I really can't complain (except for the horrible weather in munich these weeks). Don't know where you come from, but my rough guess would be that country that will most probably print even more money to avoid bankruptcy in 2013, I think it was called... USA?
Germany's not the best country of the world for sure, but some USA citizens have a view of the overall world that doesn't even come close to reality? (Always have to think about Homer Simpsons shouting "USA, USA" somehow XD)

The fracking process needs to be throughoutly tested imo, to my knowledge the company producing the liquid pumped in still didn't even disclose the contents of the liquid. Until they don't give that out and some independent institute does a study on the process I'm definitely against fracking in germany (like pretty much everyone except the gas lobby).

Comment Re:203ms - With Fibre connection and not in space (Score 1) 558

Around 134 ms here from Germany/Munich. And here's the pond:
  9 ( 16.212 ms 16.242 ms 16.242 ms
10 ( 126.211 ms 126.244 ms 126.926 ms

So I guess 80 ms is a bit optimistic, unless you use the coming banker fibre for something more useful *g*

Comment Re:Wait, so then what? (Score 1) 412

I guess you should take some time abroad, just beware of the cannibals eating you as soon as you arrive at the airport (Some plain grass area, roads weren't invented up to now) - but it would help you to escape that severe loss of reality you have ;) Or in short for you to get at least a little impression of the reality, so you're not totally shocked once you get confronted with it: Leading in innovation, scientific achievement and GDP: Those are switzerland, finnland, japan and so on usually, never seen US there. Military power: True, just nothing to be proud about in my opinion. I'm just happy that playing war belongs to the past for germany (Where I come from). Companies: You seem a bit limited to IT here, even if germany got SAP at least. For cars this looks completely different for example. Germany is still leading here when it comes to quality, next come some other european countries, japan etc., who totally sucks at this seems to be the US (You produce cars, but from what I heard even from US citizens they're mostly crap). Universities: Answered somewhere else too, but pretty clear since the US is much larger than most other countries. Economy: You need some geography-updates too, Greece != Europe. What I heard the US is really down when it comes to this though, probably Bush was playing war too much? Germany reduced it's debt the last year, so we're doing very well. Politics: Uhm, another geography-update, Egypt not element of Europe. Wars: Last one was the second world war, as said earlier I'm very happy that the nazi regime is gone and we didn't have another war since, even if I wasn't born back then (Probably an update too if you thought Hitler is still alive: He isn't). Regular occurence: Uhm, now it's getting creepy, could you write down an overview of that fascinating view you have of europe? At least to my information the US started most major wars of the last years (Pretty much all of them because of oil... - uh, I meant evil terrorists of course). Liberty for equality: Wow, it's getting more and more distant, but another geography update here: China not element of Europe. At least that stuff you wrote sounded like communism?

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