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Comment Re:This is why I went with indie games (Score 1) 77

I recently started playing Stardew Valley, which is a single dev game. Apparently, for a while there, that dev was manually correcting individual corrupt saves for customers, because he felt bad that his game had failed them. Just try getting that sort of service from a mainstream developer.

Comment Re:Twitter as a protocol (Score 1) 284

What you say is true, but I think you have the chronology backwards. There were proprietary network and information protocols before open ones. The open came after the closed. Same with operating systems - linux and the BSDs came after. There are already some stabs at open social media (like Diaspora, although I'm not sure if that project's still viable). The point is, proprietary systems are often the vanguard, because money is good incentive, and when you've got financial backing, you can blaze trails faster. Open protocols usually follow the trails blazed by their commercial predecessors. There's no reason to imagine that, given time, open social protocols will not evolve and come to dominate.

Comment Re:Automation of the military (Score 1) 210

I'd rather send in killer robots after ISIS rather than American (or any other) humans who'll get killed or maimed for life.

Sure, but that's irrelevant to the issue at hand. The headline is, as usual, misleading. This is a discussion of the ban on autonomous killer robots. You can still shoot people via remote control, with your bot taking the fire instead of your human soldier. You just can't staple an algorithm to an assault rifle and set it loose.

Comment Re:Not availiable in most of the world (Score 1) 218

AFAIK Prime Video is only available in United States, United Kingdom, Germany and Austria. Leaving much of the world without a way to watch the new show. I don't consider it an excuse to pirate it

I would. My number one copyright reform would be that any work not available for sale at a reasonable price point* in a given country is not protected by copyright in that country. You want my country to enforce your IP? Then you better be willing to sell it to my countries citizens.

*No offering copies for sale at a million dollars a pop, and claiming that satisfies the requirement.

Comment Re: Regional Presidents (Score 1) 557

They get more representation, but it's not proportional, because every state gets two electors, in addition to the number they get based on population. This gives underpopulated states more oompf - per capita - than overpopulated states. That's why Delaware has six times the population of Arizona, but only twice as many delegates.

Comment Re:dogs did this (Score 1) 277

Yeah, it's English bulldogs. But the reason is pretty much the opposite of what this "study" claims - it's not a case of caesareans allowing genes for narrow pelvises to stay in the population, it's a case of selective breeding changing the shape of the dogs. Deliberate breeding, not a side-effect of too many caesareans.

Comment Re:We knew this going in (Score 1) 588

For example: appointing an unqualified person to a position of power because that person's actions are likely to benefit you, even though those actions may not be best for the country.

But that would be just as corrupt if the person was qualified - it's not their qualification or lack thereof that makes it corruption, its the fact that they're being appointed to benefit you, rather than the country.

Comment Re:We knew this going in (Score 1, Insightful) 588

Isn't giving people who are unqualified positions of power the textbook definition of corruption?

Uh, no? Giving people positions of power in exchange for favours, or due to pre-existing relationships (e.g. nepotism) are textbook definitions of corruption. Their qualification or lack their of is irrelevant to whether the appointment is corrupt or not.

Comment Re:Amateur Sys-admin deserves the time (Score 1) 133

Based on what? Based on an employee leaving? Or based on taking legal action against someone who (may have actually) destroyed your business?

Because deleting a couple of log files shut them down, and they'd fired their sysadmin while apparently not having anyone with the capacity to diagnose and fix such a problem.

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